The Brunch Diaries: Audubon

Brunch, a time-honored meal is arguably the best meal for college students. It combines the amazing choice of breakfast foods with a later time that is more appealing for late-rising college students. While the concept of brunch is amazing, the execution can be poor. Therefore, it is essential to find the perfect brunch place: the one that cures a hangover from last night but allows you to post a proper Instagram photo letting the world know, yes, in fact, you are thriving! 

Join us, Joyce and Lea, on our monthly quest to find the best brunch places for you. Get ready for brunch to be better—welcome to the Brunch Diaries. This month we went to Audubon, a quaint and hidden gem behind Boston University. We hit it up on a rainy Sunday morning, so it wasn’t bustling busy, but by the time we left, more and more tables were filled up. 

Overall Rating: 9/10

The food was quite good. Joyce’s dish was definitely better than mine. The Fenway Slam included toast, a choice of meat, avocado, eggs, and mini salad. Everything in this order was delicious except for the potatoes, which once again seemed under-seasoned. Brunch places: LEARN HOW TO SEASON YOUR POTATOES. 

Photo Credit: Joyce Doherty

Lea as usual got the eggs benedict which were pretty good as well. The english muffin was not toasted which was highly disappointing, but the unique flavor of the dish and high-quality hollandaise made up for what the muffin was lacking. Both of our meals came with a mini salad of arugula and a tasteful vinaigrette. Usually I’m not a fan of side salads that come with my meal, but this one I ate every last bit of. 

Photo Credit: Joyce Doherty

Service: 9.5/10 

Our waitress kept checking in on us to make sure we had enough water, hot sauce, and even took many cute pictures of us at brunch. 

Attire: Brunch casual

Definitely wear a cute sweater, jeans, and some booties and you won’t feel out of place. However, a t-shirt, jeans, and hoodie is not going to cut it. 

Price: Pretty affordable, paid less than $20 each. While there is a rather limited brunch menu, there are other lunch options, also affordable, that looked good as well. For the price you’re paying, the portions are big and worthwhile. :) 

Instagram-ability: Aside from the poor lighting near the window, it has a rustic wooden feel to it and is small in size. This brunch place can give you a good post if you set it up right. Make sure to showcase the food and catch the best lighting and you are set! 


Photo Credit: Joyce Doherty

Highlight: The chorizo was amazing and once again established that chorizo is my one true love. I need more chorizo in my life and will be returning to this restaurant to get it. 

Lowlight: The fact that the English muffin was not toasted makes me very upset. While it seems like a minor problem, it is not. I did not even eat it because the dish was better without it. This place could have gotten a 10/10 but made a crucial mistake, in my mind, which lowered its score. 

Photo Credit: Joyce Doherty

Audubon is a definite step up from The Friendly Toast and we’re already planning on attending for a birthday brunch. While it exceeded many of our standards, we’re still in search of the best place in Boston. Stay tuned for next time on the Brunch Diaries!

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