Boston University's Latest Fashion Trends

At Boston University, students aren’t afraid to try new trends, and they always look fabulous. Recently, I’ve been seeing five recurring trends that don’t show any signs of disappearing. Read on to find out the latest fashion trends at BU that will definetly be sticking around!


Round sunglasses

It seems like everybody has a pair of round sunglasses. Sometimes the lenses are mirrored, shades of blue or orange, or just normal. Urban Outfitters and Ray Bans are popular sources for these cool shades. At first, I thought it was just a phase, but it looks like round sunglasses will be seen around campus for a while. Sunglasses are an easy and subtle way to try out a new trend!


Wide leg pants

These pants scared me at first, but after seeing countless girls pull of the style, I can say I’m hooked. Firstly, they are so comfortable. Secondly, they’re very flattering because of the high waist. There are different styles of wide leg pants, too. The two most popular styles are high-waisted and pleated, and high-waisted and belted. Look to shops like Madewell, Zara, Everlane, and the Gap to wear this fashion statement.


Platform shoes

I’ve been seeing these in many different forms across campus. Platform sandals, platform sneakers, and platform espadrilles are popular. I have a pair of platform sneakers, and I love the height they give me. Stores carrying this style include Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and Steve Madden.


Fringe jeans

High-waisted fringe jeans are everywhere this season. Designers have really gone crazy with the fringe trend -- in addition to fringes, they are putting tassels and braids on the ankles of jeans too. These jeans go great with a pair of platform wedges. It’s a fantastic pairing and really showcases the trends of the season. Just about every store selling denim has a pair of fringe jeans. Check Lord+Taylor, H&M, and Madewell for options.



Lingerie is no longer just for the bedroom -- cool girls everywhere have been hitting the streets wearing silk camisoles and slips! A huge trend is wearing a camisole or slip over a white undershirt. The look is easy to pull off and really comfortable too. Pair the camisole with some black jeans and you’re good to go! Check out Victoria’s Secret and Forever 21 for a wide array of lingerie.


So keep your eye out for these trends on campus, experiment with them, and let me know what you think!