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My Review Of A Boston University A Cappella Concert 

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My friend’s a cappella group hosted a concert about a week ago. I was so excited to see her perform, but I was also kind of nervous. I used to be anti-a cappella for a while, though not for any particular reason. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. 

That all changed at the concert. 

I knew my friend had auditioned and gotten her solo weeks before the concert, but I had to keep quiet. I kept asking when I would get to hear her practice, but she kept assuring me that all would be revealed. 

When at last the day arrived, I anxiously rushed to the performance center to get a front-row seat. The audience filed into the auditorium and the show began.

The first group performed, and I was floored. They did an amazing job. Then another group went on, and they were even better. The whole room was singing and clapping along.

Then it was my friend’s turn.

Finally, the moment of truth! My friend walked to the center of the stage as the background vocals started. She started singing “Cuff It” by Beyonce.

I was screaming in the front row with our other friends. Her stage presence was amazing, and she was so self-confident. It was so exciting to see all her work come to fruition and celebrate her. 

Despite my initial reservations, I am so happy I ended up going to the concert. It reminded me about the joys of trying new things and having an open mind.

Being in my third year at Boston University, I sometimes get stuck in the routine I have created over the past two years. The concert reminded me to break the monotony of routine and say yes to new experiences. 

Overall, if you take anything away from this, try new things! That might sound Obvious, but sometimes we need to hear it.

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Sabrina Abselet (She/her) is a writer at Her Campus Boston University. Mainly focusing on lifestyle and editorial pieces. Sabrina is a Junior at Boston University majoring in Psychology with a minor in Art History. In addition to Her Campus, she was chosen to be a 2022-2023 Hey Alma College Writing Fellow. Writing for Hey Alma and Knosher, both part of 70 Faces Media. She has also interned at Meals on Wheels, focusing on donor relations. In her free time, she loves to bake and host dinner parties. Sabrina is an avid Sonny Angel collector, always on the hunt for another to add to her collection. She loves to go and discover new places to eat. She's a big crafter, anything from scrapbooking to beaded keychains.