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Boston Breweries You Won’t Want to Miss

Whether you’re already twenty-fun or awaiting your big day impatiently, it is time to start planning where your next beer is coming from. Use this guide to choose wisely among some of the best breweries in the Boston area!

1. Samuel Adams

Nothing says patriotism like a free tour. Wander this far away from campus, and every sip will begin to embody that sweet taste of independence. If that doesn’t convince you, maybe this cheesy chant will: My country tis of thee, sweet land of tours that are free, of thee I sing. A brewery where malt sugars liquefy, land where “just one more” is justified, from every last bit of my pride, let freedom cling.


2. Harpoon

Harpoon is the oldest brewery in Mass and this tour is worth the $5 cover. Better yet, skip the tour and get straight to their incredible pretzels.


3. Downeast Cider House

Founded by a couple of boys fresh out of college, Downeast Cider is downright delicious. But this is about your own opinion, so tell us, how do you like them apples?


4. Mystic

Mystic Brewery specializes in a Saison style. If you are unsure of what that means, think French pale ale that is fruity, spicy, and carbonated. It will not disappoint.


5. Night Shift Brewing

Why drink during the day when you can take the night shift? This nocturnal nano-brewery will answer all your taste buds’ prayers, from beer made with hot pepper or a sweet agave nectar.


6. Cambridge Brewing Company

Part brewery and part restaurant, this brew-pub will keep your mind and stomach at ease. Maybe not your liver.


Shannon Stocks is a Junior at Boston University in the Sargent School for Health Sciences, majoring in Speech Language and Hearing Sciences. She has always loved to write and focuses this passion on her poetry. In her free time, you can find her at spin class on Newbury Street, working on a project in the community service center, or at the Hillel House. She loves being a part of the Her Campus Team!
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