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Bite Size Baker: Arielle Nelson (COM ’13)

Bite Size Baker seemed to be the perfect fit for the name of Arielle Nelson’s baking business, as she stands just under the 5-foot mark. Baking cakes and cupcakes can be a simple task, but Arielle is reinventing the culinary wheel with one-of-a-kind sweet treats to shock your eyes and taste buds. If you’re under the impression that designing a cake to look like a pizza or hotdog would only be reserved for a pro like Cake Boss Buddy Valastro, you thought wrong. Arielle has executed these challenging creations, and many more, to perfection. In addition to beginning Bite Size Baker in her hometown of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Arielle tops her culinary expertise with corporate experience in the food industry. Here, Arielle explains how Bite Size Baker all began.

HC: What encouraged you to start a business in baking?

AN: I’ve been baking since high school and my friends and family always joked that I should start a business. When I was home this past summer, my friend’s mom asked if she could pay me to make a cake and from there, Bite Size Baker began.

HC: Have you had any professional training?

AN: No, I just like to play around with ingredients and decorations. I would like to go to culinary school someday.

HC: When a client comes to you with a project, how do you usually come up with your ideas?

AN: Usually people come to me with specific requests. When I am given creative freedom though, I love making cakes or cupcakes that look like savory dishes and incorporate the clients’ favorite candy or flavors.

HC: What has been your favorite thing you’ve ever baked?

AN: Definitely the hamburger cupcakes. They’re always fun to make and at first glance, people are actually convinced they are real hamburgers.

HC: What other food related experiences have you had?

AN: I interned for 2 summers at Food Network and Cooking Channel in New York City doing public relations. This semester, I am the social media intern at America’s Test Kitchen in Boston.

HC: As a PR major, how have you used these skills to help your business grow?

AN: I have taken advantage of social media by making a Facebook page, a Twitter handle and an Instagram account. I also definitely get a lot of business through word of mouth.

HC: What are your plans for after graduation in May?

AN: In the perfect world, I would go to culinary school and open a bakery. Realistically, I would like to do PR in the food industry.

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