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Beyond the GSU: Underappreciated Restaurants Around Campus

It’s so easy to get into a food rut. Between the dining halls and the GSU, BU offers a pretty wide (though not always appealing) variety of dining options. Even when venturing beyond dining points, most of us tend to gravitate to the same few restaurants—Nud Pob, anyone? But this week, dare yourself to try something new. Here’s a few tips to get you started:

Crispy Crepes Café, 512-A Park Drive: Just over the St. Mary’sSt. Bridge in South Campus, this hidden gem has become my favorite go-go brunch spot. Despite its plain exterior and unassuming décor, the food is delicious. The sweet crepes, many featuring Nutella and fruit, are a delectable indulgence, while the savory crepes offer a more hearty start to the day. The menu also features more standard breakfast options as well as lunch and dinner items. If you’re dining here, though, I recommend you try a crepe. You won’t regret it.

Café Japonaise, 1032 Commonwealth Ave: With aconvenient West Campus location, Café Japonaise is a wonderful alternative to the every-crowded Espresso Royale or Starbucks. It serves delicious coffee, Boba tea, paninis and French pastries with a Japanese twist. You can also buy loafs of fresh bread to take home and enjoy. In addition to the unique, tempting treats, Café Japonaise has a lovely seating area which is perfect for chatting with friends or doing homework—there’s even free wifi!
Roast Beast, 1080 Commonwealth Ave: Continue up a block, and you’ll reach Roast Beast, a small restaurant solely focused on roast beef sandwiches. Be careful not to miss it; its basement location makes it easy to walk by. There’s not much room to sit inside, but it’s a great place to pick up lunch or dinner on the go. This is not the place to head if you’re a vegetarian, as the only two sandwich options are beef or turkey. Aside from this, though, a large array of toppings and sauces are offered so you can get your sandwich exactly as you want it. 

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