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Beyoncé and Topshop’s New Athletic Label

If you weren’t motivated to work out before, Beyoncé has just given us some new inspiration to hit the gym.  As if there aren’t enough reasons why everyone should bow down to Queen B, the pop singer has just announced yet another amazing accomplishment to add to the list.  

In a life-changing collaboration with UK brand, Topshop, Beyoncé is now making it possible for fans to work out, lounge, and “run the world” just like her in this new athletic collection. 

In a 50-50 partnership with Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd, Beyoncé’s fashion line, which is still un-named, plans to include clothing, footwear, and accessories for various fitness activities such as dance (what else?). 

This is not the first time we have seen celebrities collaborating with various brands. From Alexa Chung with Madewell to Lana Del Ray with H&M, public figures love targeting their unique senses of style and sharing it with the world.  In a statement taken from Vogue, Topshop owner Philip Green expressed that this is not just a conventional celebrity collaboration, but instead a partnership that will hopefully expand the Topshop brand into the new craze of fashionable fitness.  

Set to launch in Fall 2015, the new brand collection will not only be sold on Topshop’s website and in its ground locations, but it is also expected to be marketed in other stores as well. Though more specific details about the line itself are yet to be released, it is safe to assume that everything about this partnership will be ***flawless.  

Since everything Beyoncé does is perfection, this athletic streetwear is definitely worth the wait! 

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