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The Best Ways to Switch Up Your Hair in Quarantine (Besides Bangs)

All this time you’ve been cooped up inside probably has you not quite focusing on your everyday appearance, never mind your hairstyle. But a great way to make every day feel fun is by switching up your hair! Now, I’m definitely not saying try to cut your own bangs (but if you do, please watch some tutorials first). Simple switch-ups to your typical hair look can brighten your day! Here are some ideas…

Temporarily color it.

There are plenty of temporary hair dyes out there. A new product that has people raving is oVertone, which is technically coloring conditioner, not dye. You can use it on your natural hair (no bleach involved!), and it washes out depending on how often you apply it. My sister bought the rose gold for brown hair oVertone and I can’t wait to see the results!

Give yourself no-heat curls.

Put your curling iron down and grab a bathrobe belt! Twist or braid your hair around the belt, with the belt acting as a section of hair, let it sit for a couple of hours (like overnight when you’re sleeping), and ta-da! You have curls that involved no harsh heat! Changing up your hair in this way, even if only the people you’re quarantining with will see it, will make you feel powerful and like a new person! As someone whose hair doesn’t hold curls, this really works and lasts all day!

Naturally lighten your hair.

With the weather starting to warm up (or maybe it’s already warm where you’re quarantining), it’s time for highlights, balayage, and beach-blonde hair! An easy and fun way to add blonde to your hair without going to the salon is by using old-fashioned Sun In. You can use Sun In by spraying your hair and laying outside in the heat or by simply blowdrying it. There are plenty of other hair-lightening sprays too!

Cut your hair in a non-drastic way.

If you really feel the need to, you could cut your hair in a way that’s not so noticeable and can easily be fixed or quickly grow out. You could try giving yourself angles in the front, texture your hair at the ends, or simply give your split-ends a trim. Again, I recommend at least watching some tutorials or getting a friend or family member to help before anyone picks up a pair of scissors.

Experiment with hairdos.

I’m guilty of simply brushing my straight hair and just leaving it down every day. When I was at school and didn’t wear sweatpants every day, I felt more inclined to pick up a scrunchie and put my hair half up or put my hair in a cute bun. However, being at home gives you the perfect opportunity (and plenty of time) to experiment and try out new looks! That complicated braid you saw on Pinterest? That no-effort-looking messy bun you have yet to master? Give them a shot!

I can’t wait to see everyone’s new hairstyles when quarantine ends!


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Alexandra Kallfelz is a senior studying journalism at Boston University. Besides writing, Alexandra's passions include color guard, travel, Netflix, music, and Disney. She is a pure-blood New Englander and a dog fanatic.
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