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Swimsuits for spring

Best Wardrobe Staples for Every Season

There are some classics that every wardrobe should have, including the white button-down, nude pumps, and the little black dress. However, what you wear changes with the weather, so here are your must-have wardrobe staples for every season (or at least for the seasons we have here in New England). 



It’s just not summer without a bikini to go with it. Whether you opt for patterned, colorful, neutral, plunge, or high-waisted, there’s a style out there for everybody. A two-piece suit will be a fashion statement at any beach, pool, jacuzzi, or wherever you end up this summer. You don’t have to spend a ton on a nice bikini, but if you feel like treating yourself after finishing out this semester strong, hit up Australian bikini brand Kulana Kinis

Maxi dress

I’ll bet you a million dollars your closet is already full of mini dresses that end mid-thigh and make you look incredibly sexy. What’s missing, though, might be the maxi dress that ends up being your fashion statement of the year. Whether you opt for bold polka-dots or a monotone gown cinched with a belt, you’ll feel like a movie star walking around in a dress that almost reaches your ankles. Pair with a sunhat on a morning stroll or a trip to an outdoor café. 

Denim jacket

Bikinis and tank tops are all good and fun, but what happens when the beach gets cold by sunset? Throw on a denim jacket and stay in the sand a little longer. A denim jacket will give you adequate protection against a chilly ocean breeze, while being light enough to be perfect for the summer. And what’s more, you can stay and watch the sunset without getting goosebumps. 



Fall is all about layering, so your first stop when it comes to stocking up on clothes for the fall should be the poncho section. Just kidding, there’s probably no poncho section, but that’s no excuse not to be looking for the perfect poncho or two when it starts getting a little colder. That way, you can still wear a dress and have something warm to throw over it when it starts getting chilly (not to mention, you’ll look fit for a photoshoot). 


When it gets too cold for shorts, but not quite freezing, leggings become the perfect bottoms. They provide the warmth that you need in the fall, while still being pretty light. Not to mention, they’re easy to move around in and can be dressed up or down (and can easily be worn with boots if it’s almost November). 

Thigh-high boots

Before it starts snowing, when it’s still warm enough to wear a skirt without regretting it, is the perfect time to whip out your thigh-high boots. Pair with some tights while the weather still allows you to look cute (at least, without catching a cold or otherwise generally freezing to death). You can get a pair at Primark (high or low heels depends on your personal preference). 


Sweater dress

It’s hard to make it through an entire winter without wanting to feel fancy, so that’s where the sweater dress comes in. Since it’s already a sweater in dress form, you won’t even have to wear a cardigan over it. Pair with cable-knit tights and boots to survive those winter chills. 

Oversized sweater

No matter how much you love getting that sweater dress out once in a while, there’s pretty much a 0% chance that your winter will be all about dressing up. It’s more likely that you’ll want to spend it in a cute and comfortable oversized sweater with sleeves that you have to roll up. On second thought, why stop at one?


Turtlenecks definitely aren’t for everyone, but a solid black (or any color) turtleneck will go a long way when it comes to making you feel put together with minimal effort. They’re also great for layering because you can wear them under a cardigan or dress and look super classy and professional, while still staying warm. 



Lighter than a poncho but just as stylish, welcome to the spring version of a fashionable cover-up to wear over a dress or with a top and skirt: the shawl. Flowy and fabulous, there’s never been an easier way to instantly feel dressed up. You won’t be able to get enough of the witchy, Stevie Nicks vibes. 

Holey sweater

So, you tried wearing your new holey sweater in the winter and were super upset when you looked amazing, but at the price of shivering all day. It happens. The answer is to wear it in the spring, when it’s getting warmer, but still just cold enough for it to work. Wear with a tank top, t-shirt, or long-sleeved shirt. 


It’s natural to want to get a bit more dressed up as it gets warmer, and you’ll need shoes to go with it. Ditch your stilettos, which can seriously hurt your feet and cause other injuries (do I need to mention the time I split my forehead open underestimating the height of a car door?), and substitute them for a pair of infinitely more comfortable wedges without another thought. 

I hope these seasonal fashion staples helped you choose your next killer outfit! And never forget, the most stylish thing a person can wear any time of the year is confidence.

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Katarzyna Jezak is a senior at Boston University studying English. Her interests include traveling, music, and exploring the great outdoors.
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