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Tacos are not just for Tuesdays! As one of the most affordable and quick eats that you can get, tacos are a great food option for college students. Luckily, we have been blessed with a plethora of taco options near BU’s campus, making this a cheap eat that cannot be beaten. Here are some of the best (and closest) taco options in Boston!

1. Los Amigos Taqueria

This Coolidge Corner taco spot is a great option for when Chipotle isn’t cutting it. With a variety of menu options and a build-your-own station, Los Amigos has all of the essentials. If you are feeling healthier, they also offer salad bowls. The welcoming and modern environment makes for a great experience!

2. Dorado Tacos

Dorado is known best for fresh baja-style fish tacos. At $2.95 per taco, this comfort food option does not break the bank. Dorado also offers Cemitas, which is a Pueblan sandwich on a sesame seed egg roll with meat, beans, and avocado.

3. Anna’s Taqueria

Anna’s is one of the most highly rated taco spots in Boston. A new location recently opened in the Prudential Center as well. Anna’s is known for its classic Mexican fare, including delicious tacos and burritos at an affordable price point!

4. El Pelon Taqueria

El Pelon is the definition of an authentic taco joint. Even with the quick service, there is always a line out the door. El Pelon also offers online ordering, making this local establishment a great option!

5. OliToki

OliToki is for the adventurous taco lover. This Korean Fusion restaurant offers twists on classic dishes. Their Loaded Tacos are filled with onion, cabbage, cilantro, and kimchi, along with a variety of house-made sauces.

Armed with this list of cheap eats in Boston, you will never have to settle for mediocre tacos again! All of your problems are now solved! Okay, that might not be true, but with the state of your bank account at this point in the semester, I hope this list helps you to save some money while still enjoying Boston’s food scene.


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Jill is a Sophomore at Boston University. She is studying journalism and enjoys listening to music, yoga, traveling, and any activity that involves food!
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