The Best Places to Get Coffee in Boston

It’s no secret: I love coffee, and Boston is a wonderful place to find a good cup. Although Starbucks is ubiquitous like in any other city, there are plenty of independent and local coffee shops that you have no excuse not to try. Whether you like decaf, iced, cappuccino, or dark roast without cream and sugar, there is definitely a place for you. Here are some of the best coffee places in Boston.

1. Pavement

Picture credit: The Daily Free Press

If you want to grab a coffee in between classes, Pavement is the place to go. As I have been drinking coffee since middle school, I like to really taste the coffee in whatever I’m drinking, and what I like about Pavement is that you still get that strong taste even if you order a latte. The dark roast is another one of my favorites—it is also very strong but it has a unique taste to it as well, and you can tell it is good quality. Not on campus? Stop by one of their Newbury or Boylston locations.

2. Thinking Cup

Picture credit: Americaninno

The Thinking Cup’s coffee is smooth, rich, and bold no matter what kind of coffee you get—it’s definitely one of my favorite places. They also have a wonderful assortment of coffees from medium roasts to flavored lattes to cappuccinos. The setting is adorable, with newspaper print tables and a cozy environment. All of the Thinking Cup’s locations usually fill up really quickly in the mornings and early afternoons but if you go in the evening, they’re fairly calm, so I’d recommend going for a decaf coffee between 7 and 8:30 pm. There are locations on Newbury Street, near the Boston Common, and in the North End.

3. Blue State

Picture Credit: Yelp

If you live in or have a class in West Campus, or if you want to venture out to the Seaport District, Blue State is a really good place to get coffee. Their dark roast will wake you right up on your way to class, and their cappuccinos and lattes will provide a bold yet smooth complement to your meeting with your friend. Also, they donate 2 percent of all sales to a local nonprofit and you can vote for which one. So as you grab your coffee, you’re also making a difference in the community, which is awesome. 

4. Render Coffee

Picture Credit: Trip Advisor

I hadn’t heard of this place until one of my friends recommended it, and it was an excellent recommendation indeed. It’s quiet, so it’s a good place to do homework or study, and their coffee is well-made and very tasty. It is a bit small, so it would be a nice place to have a one-on-one meeting—not so great to bring your whole group of friends. They have a location in the South End and one in the Financial District, so if you’re ever in the area, you should definitely swing by.

5. Flour Bakery

Picture Credit: Boston Magazine

Coffee and baked goods go well together, don’t you agree? At Flour, you can have both in one place. Though they are rightfully known for their bread and pastries, their coffee is top-notch also, and I definitely recommend getting a latte or a cappuccino. They have locations in the South End and in Seaport, so if you’re ever in either of those neighborhoods, you may wish to stop in and give it a try. 

6. Boston Common Coffee Company

Picture Credit: Twitter

If you’re ever downtown, Boston Common Coffee Company, or BoCoCoCo for short, is an awesome place to get a nice cup of coffee. I personally really like their dark roast without cream and sugar, but you can’t go wrong with their lattes and cappuccinos either. It’s also a good place to meet a friend, as there is plenty of seating, and the setting is very open and relaxed. As made obvious by the name, they have a location near Boston Common, but they also have a location on High Street and in the West End. 

7. Tatte

Picture Credit: Boston Magazine

Last but certainly not least is my personal favorite. I love to go to Tatte every now and again to get a cappuccino. Everything they have from beverages to brunch to pastries is delicious, so make sure to go when you’re a little bit hungry to have the whole experience. I must warn you, however, since it’s so amazing it’s often extremely difficult to get a seat, so if you see one, grab it as soon as you can. There are locations in Brookline, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Fenway, Harvard Square, and three more in Cambridge, so there’s surely a Tatte near you. 

Wherever you are in the city, and whatever kind of coffee is your favorite, there are several amazing places in Boston to get your caffeine fix. So try one of them, try them all, go to your old favorite or check out a new one—you simply can’t go wrong. HCXO, coffee lovers!


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