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The Best Games for a Dorm Game Night

One of my friends’ and my favorite things to do on the weekend is to host a game night. Despite our inevtiable fights, we usually end up playing multiple games! Here are some we found are the best for a night in:

Cards Against Humanity

This game’s popularity has skyrocketed, making it a classic among high schoolers and college students. Each player gets a handful of cards with phrases on them and puts down the one that they think best completes the phrases on the main card dealt by the judge. The judge then picks which combination is best. It’s fun because it relies on creativity, and lets you see your friends’ true colors.



Although this game takes forever to set up and explain the rules, once you get started, it’s totally worth it. All the players work on a team to rid the world of disease, a welcome change from the usual hostile competition of board games.


This game is beyond fun, especially since it’s not too heavily structured. You can play individually or on a team, and get points when you fill in an answer for a given clue starting with the letter the die has rolled. Be careful not to write the same word as an opponent, or you won’t get the point! This ends up being even worse than losing the game entirely, in my opinion.


This game is very low maintenance – all you need to play is a deck of cards. Players aim to get rid of their cards by putting down a card numerically higher than the last. Whoever loses all their cards first wins and becomes president. You can play this game with as little as three people, but it’s better with a larger group – it gets intense quickly!

Heads Up

This game gained popularity thanks to Ellen DeGeneres. It’s a version of charades that relies on energy and creativity – though it’s fun to play no matter how sleep deprived your college life is!  

No matter what you end up playing, as long as you have a group of great friends to play with, you’re in for a great night!

Jessica is a senior at Boston University, studying in the School of Communication with a major in Mass Communication, a minor in Cinema & Media Studies and is on the Pre-Law Track. She made the move from Westchester, NY to Boston, and is living in a constant fear of the impending winter. When not in class, she could be found obsessing over Harry Potter or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, making poorly timed puns, or drinking an excess of tea.
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