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The Best Friends Couples Ranked

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

There really was no better TV show that come out of the 90’s than Friends. We’ve all seen it, and most of us have probably seen it more than once. By the end of ten amazing seasons, everyone has their absolute favorite couples on Friends that they could not imagine the show without. Here is my ranking of the best Friends couples of all time:

1. Chandler and Monica

Seriously, this doesn’t even need to be said at this point, but Chandler and Monica are the unparalleled best couple of Friends. They were meant to be together from the start, and although they faced challenges like any other couple, they never faltered in their love for one another. They truly captured fans hearts, and especially my own, by just being so crazily in love with one another.

2. Ross and Rachel

Ranking Ross and Rachel this high will probably be controversial for some people, but I think overall it’s pretty clear that Ross and Rachel were meant to be together. Yes, they faced a lot of hard times, but they always found their ways back to one another. Even if they frustrated us sometimes, we all have to admit we loved watching these two fall in love. I mean, come on guys, she’s his lobster.

3. Phoebe and Mike

Bringing Mike into Phoebe’s life was one of the best things the show’s creators could have done for Phoebe. He grounds her and supports her and loves her more than anything, and she somehow does the same thing for him. This couple clicked right from the start, and they truly were perfect for one another.

4. Monica and Richard

Oh, Richard. We all have to admit there was a point where we really thought he could be the one for Monica. Unfortunately – or fortunately for Chandler – they simply didn’t want the same things in life. I have nothing bad to say about Richard, other than the fact that he told Monica he loved her while she was with Chandler. But hey, all water under the bridge now. Richard is a classy guy who made Monica happy, and they were a really great couple.

5. Rachel and Joey

Perhaps the most controversial couple on this list, the relationship between Rachel and Joey received mixed reviews from fans. Personally, I loved these two together. Joey brought out the fun and carefree side of Rachel, who is normally bound up tightly and rarely lets loose. Rachel brought out a side of Joey we had never really seen, a more thoughtful and caring Joey. I think these two complemented each other beautifully, and I’m a little disappointed they ended so fast.

6. Carol and Susan

Carol and Susan should probably be higher on this list in all honesty because they were the best functioning couple on the entire show. They loved and respected one another, and truly worked incredibly well as a pair. Plus, Susan and Ross’ dynamic is too hilarious to not put this couple on this list. Keep up the quality partnership, ladies.

7. Phoebe and David

Oh, David, so quirky and weird while he freezes up in the middle of Russia. David constantly stringing Phoebe along until he eventually left for Russia again was admittedly hard to watch, but when David was here he really did make Phoebe happy. They worked well together, but ultimately David chose his job over Phoebe when she needed him most. It all worked out in the end though, because David doesn’t even come close to how great Mike is for Phoebe.

8. Monica and Pete

Pete was a genuinely good guy, and although he started off a little bit creepy, he genuinely cared for Monica. His downfall was his pride in the end (typical, right?), but Monica and Pete had a genuine connection and an overall stable relationship. They were great while they lasted, so Pete definitely makes the Top Ten.

9. Ross and Julie

The only thing wrong with Julie was her timing. Literally, that’s it. Julie was a sweet girl and she worked great with Ross, but sorry Julie, because we all know we wanted Ross to leave her for Rachel the second they started dating. I mean, Rachel waited for him at the airport with flowers, how sweet is that?

10. Chandler and Kathy

Kathy was an incredibly nice person, and that is why she won Chandler’s heart. Unfortunately, she was dating Joey when her and Chandler first fell for one another. Kathy and Chandler really understood one another, and could have been great together…but sorry Kathy, nobody comes between Joey and Chandler.

Friends is genuinely one of the greatest TV shows of all time, and part of the reason we all loved it so much is the dramatic and exciting romances that filled the screen. In the end, everything worked out for the characters we all love so much, and that’s what matters the most.

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Julia Novello is a Film and Television major at Boston University, with a minor in Political Science. Her interests include writing, pop culture, binge watching Friends, politics, travelling, and everything to do with Tom Brady. She is a native of Boston, MA.
Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.