The Best Early 2000s Childhood Shows

I’m starting to feel old. Albeit I’m only 19, but while scrolling through all the different TV shows now, I see so many reboots of my favorites. These make me reminisce about all the originals from my childhood (which of course are better than the reboots). Below is a definitive ranking of the best early 2000s TV shows from worst to best: 

  1. 1. Good Luck Charlie 

    Teddy Duncan walked, so David Dobrik could run. Teddy paved the way for the vloggers of today with her video diaries for her sister, Charlie. Watching her make those cute video messages for her sister made me want to make my own video diaries. This show made me appreciate having a crazy and big family. Also, who didn’t want to be part of the Duncan family even with all the crazy antics?

  2. 2. Zoey 101

    If you watched this show and didn’t want to go to a boarding school, you were definitely kidding yourself. The PCA kids were able to do so many cool things that I just wished I could do. When the video came out a few years ago about the time capsule from the show, I was so excited. We would finally get to learn about the Chase and Zoey relationship. This show was so good and the characters were so well written that you couldn’t help but become invested in them.

  3. 3. Fairly OddParents 

    Who wouldn’t want fairy godparents that grant your every wish? This long running show was so interesting and funny. I loved all the crazy and inventive things that happened in the show. All the special episodes were so creative. And that Jimmy Timmy power hour? Honestly, amazing. Also, those random live action movies with Drake Bell were just hilarious and kinda weird. This is definitely one of Nickelodeon’s best cartoons.

  4. 4. Recess 

    This is definitely a more underrated show, but it’s honestly so good. It’s a show about a group of fourth graders and how they navigate the politics of an elementary school playground. I never knew how intense an elementary school playground could be. This show told so many creative and funny stories. If you’ve never seen it, I definitely recommend it, especially the Halloween movie. The concept of the show is so creative and unlike anything else, so you won’t regret checking it out.

  5. 5. Drake and Josh 

    Most kids only know about Josh Peck from Youtube’s Vlog Squad. But how could you not know the iconic brother duo, Drake and Josh? I loved following all the crazy antics the two got into. And Meghan made me want all the crazy tech for my own pranks. The show was so hilarious. I’m excited about the rumored Drake and Josh show coming out. 

  6. 6. Suite Life of Zach and Cody 

    Who wouldn’t want to grow up in a hotel? Suite Life was honestly hilarious and made me wish I had a twin. It was way better than its spin off Suite Life on Deck, no arguments. This show was comedic gold and Mr. Mosbey was hilarious. (Do you want to listen to AM or Fmmm?) Also, you know you were a fan of the show if you ever tried to remember Esteban’s entire name. 

  7. 7. Big Time Rush 

    Oh oh o-oh oooo! Big Time Rush paved the way for the next generation of boy bands (yes, even before One Direction). I loved watching the guys learn to navigate celebrity life. All the characters were so interesting and so funny to watch. Their music was so good too (not gonna lie, I still listen to it). So, the comedy and the music together made a really great show. I wish we could get a Big Time Rush reunion of some kind.

  8. 8. Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

    This was another underrated but great show. It only ran for three seasons but so much happened. Each episode centered around a survival tip for middle school and helped viewers navigate those tough years. Just like many other kids’ shows the characters got into so many crazy antics. What was interesting about these antics was how they somehow tied into normal advice for middle schoolers. 

  9. 9. Wizards of Waverly Place

    Wizards of Waverly Place was such an incredible show! I loved all the cool supernatural elements of the show but also the real-life things. The family was so tight knit and loving. Also, while I don’t like the “I’m not like other girls” tropes, Alex Russo being the opposite of girly was cool to see. I grew up not being a quirky tomboy and thought it was weird. But seeing her and her friend Harper on screen made me feel comfortable being myself. When the series finale came on and we found out who was going to be the family wizard, I’m not gonna lie I was unbelievably excited.

  10. 10. Kim Possible 

    If the iconic text tone doesn’t make you go “what’s the sitch?” then were you really a 2000s kid? (Not gonna lie, it’s my current text tone) Kim Possible was such a great show because it showed so many strong and powerful women. Seeing Kim fighting all those bad guys and managing to go to school at the same time made me want to become a spy. And you’d be lying if you say you didn’t ship Kim and Ron. Like what an OTP. While I wanted a live action version for a long time, the new reboot stood nothing against the original. 

So, there you have it, the definitive ranking of the best 2000s shows. I hope this was a great throwback moment. I’m gonna go grab some popcorn and binge some of these great shows. 

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