The Best Ciders for Those Who Aren't Into Beer

I’ve always felt a little ashamed of the fact that I detest beer like I’m the little sister at a grown-up’s party. After all, beer is the drink de jour at sporting events and college parties. Hard cider is my go-to drink at these events (and let’s be real, all the time). The downside is that you may have to trek to Loge 20 to find cider or bring your own six pack to a friend’s house; Luckily, it’s becoming more and more popular and thus more readily available! My personal favorite is Cranberry Downeast, but if you are looking for a fall twist go with Cinnful Apple by Angry Orchard. It’s the grownup version of apple cider topped with a stick of cinnamon.

If people ask, you can always cop out and say you are gluten-free, but it’s honestly okay to not like beer. There are tons of delicious flavors of cider! I keep trying beers out just in case I come across one I like. Usually, I just end up making a nasty face and chugging my cider. You shouldn’t have to drink something you don’t like, just because it’s what most people do. I feel like there’s a larger lesson in self-acceptance here, but am not sure I’m wise enough to delve into it.


I hope that you give some of these delectable drinks a try. These drinks are perfect and festive for the fall season, aka the best season.