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It’s only been a week back from spring break, and if you’re anything like me, you’re already feeling the spring break blues. Do you feel like procrastinating before returning back to the doldrums of studying for midterms and writing papers? When I’m starting to feel stressed out, my fix is to go on my computer and check out my favorite blogs. Recently, it seems like everyone has started a blog. The best blogs, in my opinion, are those that have an array of fun content. I enjoy blogs about fashion, college life, design, and other miscellanea. Some of these blogs have a huge readership, so you may have heard of them before. Others have fewer readers, but include equally engaging content, perfect to cheer you up before getting back to the daily grind.
A Cup of Jo
I love this blog for its postings about street style, gift ideas, and beauty tutorials. Jo often links to her favorite blogs, and she has introduced me to some of my favorite ones.

The Daybook
This blog focuses on the author’s outfits of the day. She has a wonderful sense of style, and includes links to where she purchased her clothing. My favorite part of this blog, though, is her section called Awkward and Awesome Thursdays where she describes the details life with extra helpings of witty commentary.
I Want to Be Her
I adore the notebook style of this blog, which makes it look like you’re peeking into your fashionable older sister’s journal. Here, the entries feature either fashion drawings of people the author has seen in passing or photos of other bloggers or designers.
Kendi Everyday
This blog is another example of a blog primarily made up of the author’s outfits. Kendi has a colorful and classic style and her outfits include clothing made to fit a college student’s budget.

Cupcakes and Cashmere
In addition to outfit posts, this blog includes delicious recipes for things like chocolate cake, homemade Oreos, and blueberry crumb bars. Yum!
If you enjoy lifestyle blogs, you probably will also love the plethora of online magazines that have moved from the newsstands to the net. I love the magazine format in general. A two-page spread gives ample room for enticing photographs and articles. Best of all, there’s no need to pay between $3 and 5 dollars to read these magazines, since they are 100% free online.
Rue Magazine
Dreamy photographs of interior design pieces and beautiful pieces of handpicked clothing make Rue Magazine one of my favorite new online magazines. So far they have been publishing an issue every two months, and their March/April issue just came out!
Neet Magazine
This magazine features independent clothing, including Etsy artists and vintage shops.
Lonny Magazine
Lonny showcases an eclectic mix of beauty, fashion, and home décor finds. I love how they integrate various mediums into soothing layouts. Reading this magazine with a nice latte is my idea of the perfect afternoon.

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