Benefits of Drinking Tea

Coming from a Chinese family, tea is like water to me. I drink it in the morning - with my lunch, with my afternoon snack, and at night. While all my friends order coffee at Starbucks daily to stay awake, I opted for tea. Tea seems healthier; it energizes me without the crash afterwards, and it doesn’t taste as bitter as coffee. College students run on very little sleep, relying on caffeinated drink after caffeinated drink to keep up with their hectic schedules. It’s time to ditch the unhealthy coffee and switch to tea. Here are 15 reasons why:

1) Tea increases your metabolism.

2) Tea is calorie free.

3) Tea makes your bones stronger.

4) Tea helps reduce risk of heart attack.

5) Tea helps prevent cancer.

6) Tea hydrates the body.

7) Tea bolsters your immune system.

8) Tea clears your skin up.

9) Tea has less caffeine than coffee.

10) Tea calms you down.

11) Tea strengthens the liver.

12) Tea is linked to lower levels of cholesterol.

13) Tea helps you sleep better.

14) Tea comes in many natural flavors like lavender and chrysanthemum.

15)  Tea has all these benefits and zero calories.

With all these benefits in mind, go grab your cup of tea now!