The Beginner's Guide to Makeup

You love to rock your beautiful, bare face but sometimes just want to glam it up. Of course, the endless amount of products at Sephora overwhelms you. You may have thoughts running through your head like: “Why are there 20 different brushes for eye shadow alone?” or “What is the difference between concealer and tinted moisturizers?”. No worries, for makeup – less is more, so you really only need four products in your purse to look natural yet dolled-up.

1. Foundation

Think of this as the base to your makeup. The foundation creates the perfect canvas and makes your skin look flawless. For beginners, definitely stick with a powdered foundation so you don’t have to additionally purchase powder. Finally, you can double up your foundation as concealer for redness or under-eye areas.

2. Mascara

The eye is the window to your soul. Mascara lengthens your lashes, creates the illusion that you have eyeliner on your waterline, and instantly makes your eyes pop. Also, drugstore mascara works just as well as name-brands, so you can save some money there.

3. Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrows frame your face! You’ll be surprised to see how nicely-shaped, full eyebrows will instantly make you look more energetic.

4. Lipstick

Lipsticks are fun and add color to your face. Did you know that lipstick is also the most popular makeup item? Whether it’s a more dramatic red lip or simply a light pink nude lip, the lipstick perfectly completes your look.