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Astrology for Dummies

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Now more than ever before, astrology matters. What your astrological sign is, who you’re compatible with, and when mercury is in retrograde is all that anyone ever talks about. In fact, asking someone what their “sign” is has become as common as asking about someone’s hometown or favorite food. I condensed everything I learned about astrology into a fun and easy guide with all the basics that you’ll need. So, here is your “Astrology for Dummies,” as you learn alongside me. :)


According to the Mind-Body Online blog, your astrological sign can be broken down to the placement of the sun and moon at the exact time and cardinal location where you were born. There are three main astronomical movements that are commonly followed: Sun, Moon, and Rising. Because the sun sits at each of the 12 zodiac constellations for about a month, we call our most commonly used sign our “Sun sign.” The traits of your Sun sign are said to represent your identity and the types of energy you need to feel revitalized. Your Moon sign represents who you are behind your identity and how you feel about yourself. Finally, your Rising Sign is how you present yourself to others or your “social personality.” There are 12 signs or constellations that the sun and moon move through. When you look up your birth chart, you can find which of the 12 signs (Virgo, Sagittarius, etc.) you are for each of the Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.


I’ve always wanted to be a crystal person. I’m obsessed with small boutiques that sell essential oils and gems, but I have always been unclear about how to use them. According to Astro Style, crystals carry different properties that can be aligned closely with an astrological sign. Certain crystals have properties that are better for one astrological sign over another. For example, if you are Gemini Sun, pearls are an ideal gem to have because of their soothing effect over Gemini’s anxious tendencies. The science behind this concept explains that because planets are large bodies that have an influence on Earth’s energy fields, gems, and crystals, as inner rocks with the energy fields influence our bodies on Earth’s surface.

Who is mercury, and why is she in retrograde?

I often blame my problems on the fact that “mercury is in retrograde,” but what does that actually mean? Mercury refers to the planet itself, and retrograde is an astronomical phenomenon in which a planet in orbit appears to be moving backward, in an optical illusion, as Earth’s orbit passes it. People attribute forgetfulness, bad fortune, and electronics failing them to this phenomenon. According to Time magazine, the negative associations with this planet’s motion do not stem from real science. However, astrologists believe that Mercury impacts our relationships and communication, so this abnormal movement affects those aspects of our lives.

I’m just as lost as everyone else in the world of tracking the stars and harnessing your ~vibrations~ so let’s Learn together!

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