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Ana Dellien (COM ’17)


This week’s campus celeb is a girl whose hometown list is as unique has her personality. Junior, advertising major and economics minor, Ana Dellien says, “When someone asks me where I’m from and I’m telling the full story I have to name at least 3 countries!”  

Ana was born in La Paz, Bolivia, but grew up in Princeton, NJ and then moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, which is where her family currently lives.  ince all the places mean home to Ana in different ways, its no wonder it’s a little tough to answer the question, “where are you from?” 

Ana’s adventurous roots have created her passion for traveling as well as her love for using the outdoors as her playing field. “Some think I’m crazy, but I genuinely enjoy running," Ana laughs. Growing up, Ana played sports that were all team-based, but after tearing her ACL and Meniscus when she got to BU, it was time to pick up a new sport.  

“I think I love running so much because I use it as a way to relieve my stress but also because it forces me to challenge myself in ways that I didn’t think were possible. It’s amazing what your body can do when you get past those mental barriers.” Ana explains. Over the past two years she has discovered many different routes throughout Boston that have led her to find her way around the city, getting lost and finding her way back by instinct. 

It’s easy to gain instinct in a place you love. Ana’s favorite part about BU is the location. She loves how amazing the city is with such a diverse population and the dynamic of a city lifestyle.  

If it hasn’t already been established, Ana has a passion for the amazing places around the world.

“Living overseas has not only given me a global perspective on life, but also has opened the doors to new places and cultures. I’ve been to countries I would never even imagine going to and now I just have a desire to go to as many places as possible," she says.  

Ana loves learning about different cultures, and finds it fascinating that even though people all come from different backgrounds there’s always something that can connect them together. Those same places could even be on her list of all the places she has been (take us with you next time?).

Bali, Indonesia is by far one of Ana’s favorite places in this world. Though it sounds very exotic, keep in mind it’s only an hour plane ride from where Ana’s family currently lives (how jealous we are!). Ana explains she has so many memories there with friends and family and the island’s beauty lets her fall in love with it every time she goes.

“Every time I think of Bali I think of all these times when I experienced genuine and pure happiness,” Ana smiles. 

Obviously it is no surprise that Ana would not mind working in a different country in the future. She explains it’s hard for her to picture exactly what her life will look like in five years, but remains confident that as long as she’s in a major city doing something she loves, like advertising, then that’s where she will be.

“Or maybe I’ll have a mental breakdown within the next 2-3 years so in 5 years I’ll be traveling the world trying to get my life together," Ana jokes.  

Since she has eaten her way through many cultures in her young life, Ana loves mainly all foods (except Avocados GASP!) She says, though it may be strange, crab cakes are definitely high up on her list of favorites along with her favorite snack the salami-cheese-cracker combo. However, chocolate will single-handedly win your way to Ana’s heart, and throw in some caramel or almond with sea salt? Then you’ve won her over.  

But chocolate won’t really catch Ana’s eye, for her personality is huge. If you can make her laugh and hold a good conversation about things that matter to you or things going on in the world then you’re basically set. 

“It’s so attractive when a guy has a lot of drive to reach their goals and is confident in himself (but not in a stuck up way). It’s also a big plus if he can keep up with me on a run!” Ana says. Adventure, appetite, and athleticism: the three reasons Ana Dellian is the campus celeb with the passport of the traveler we all hope to be!  


Samantha is a junior Broadcast Journalism major in the College of Communication at Boston University. She is the celebrity news anchor on Good Morning BU on BUTV 10. The campus Manager for University Tees and the current Vice President of Recruitment for sorority. She firmly believes that not all who wonder are lost, the ability of food to fuel the soul.
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