Amazon Athletic Wear: Buy or Bye!

When I look good, I feel good, which is especially true when I’m working out. Buying cute new athletic clothes motivates me to go work out, but I can’t always afford to drop over $100 on leggings from Lululemon, Alo, or Athleta. So, last weekend I did extensive research on Amazon’s top-rated athletic wear in search of more affordable dupes, and this is what I discovered.

But first, I would like to add a disclaimer and clarify that these are my personal opinions based on my preferences and how these products fit my body type. I am 5’3’’ wear a size 32DD bra, and have average to small legs/butt. So, if you have a different body type, my biggest piece of advice would be to read the reviews on posted by consumers with a body type similar to yours to predict how these will fit you! Also keep in mind that Amazon offers free returns, so it isn’t the end of the world if you need to do a size exchange!!!


1. Tesla High Waist Leggings with Side Pockets (Maroon, Small) $17.98

I LOVE the color of these leggings!!! The material isn’t quite as soft as Lululemon's, but it’s sufficient enough for a workout and fits quite well. These leggings get the job done and fit true to size. Overall, I would wear these on a run or to a workout and be satisfied, but I might not be as inclined to wear them around the house because they are a bit stiff.

True to size: 8/10 (tight in the bottom half, looser in the upper half)

Stretch: 6/10

Softness: 5/10

Good for Workout: 8/10

Good for Lounging: 6/10


2. VIV Collection Signature Leggings Yoga Waistband Soft (Olive, Small) $12.99

These are the SOFTEST leggings I have ever worn. They are so comfortable and they feel almost like the Lululemon Align Pants ($98). The problem with these, however, is that they are a bit too soft to work out in. They also aren’t quite as tight as I would like them to be (even though I bought them in the smallest size). I don’t see myself working out in these anytime soon, but I will definitely be wearing these around for lounging.

True to size: 8/10 (run a little big)

Stretch: 10/10

Softness: 10/10

Good for Workout: 6/10 (not enough compression)

Good for Lounging: 10/10


3. Queenie Ke Strappy Free to Be Bra (Red, Small) $19.99

If this name sounds familiar, that’s because it’s a complete copy-cat of Lululemon’s Free to Be Bra which retails for $42. Believe it or not, I like this one a lot better than its expensive counterpart. This is probably because I am a somewhat petite girl, who wears a size 32DD bra, so Lululemon bras do not offer me enough coverage or support during workouts. The Queenie Ke bra, however, has a larger surface area and holds everything in better. If you’re going to purchase one item off this list, let it be this one!

True to size: 8/10 (may run slightly large, considering I’m a 32DD and small fit perfectly)

Support: 8/10

Softness: 7/10


4. AIYIHAN Strappy Sports Yoga Bra High Impact (White, Small) $14.99

So I kind of took a leap of faith by buying a white bra from a brand I’ve never heard of before, but this bra was surprisingly decent. I must say it is a bit stiff, but it still offers a lot of support and is not see through (except for the pads that just barely poke out from underneath). I ordered this bra in a size small, and if you are any larger than I am, then I would recommend sizing up to a medium. This is a good sports bra, and I would recommend purchasing it in a color other than white!

True to size: 7.5/10 (be sure to read reviews!!!)

Support: 8/10

Softness: 6.5/10


My conclusion was that the sports bras from Amazon are definitely worth the small investment because they are practical and functional. The leggings, however, just aren’t quite as good as any of the higher-end brands such as Nike or Lululemon. They have good workout leggings and good lounging leggings, but not many options that offer dual functionality. However, buying both pairs of Amazon leggings is still cheaper than one pair of high-end leggings, and you get the satisfaction of having two new colors! Please let us know if you try any of these products by posting a picture and tagging @HerCampusBU <3


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