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Aly O’Connell (SAR ’19)

The Campus Celebrity for this week is Aly O’Connell, a sophomore in Sargent College studying physical therapy. She is a close personal friend of mine because she is actually my Big Sister in the sorority Gamma Phi Beta here at BU. Personally, I think of her as superwoman. She is my inspiration on a daily basis and I’m so proud of her for so many things.

First of all, this woman is incredibly organized, put together, and intelligent. When she’s not running to do something for her sorority, organizing an event, or in class, she’s in a study group utilizing every minute of her day. She’s very involved on campus, acting as Recruitment Chair for Gamma Phi Beta. She works hard constantly to recruit amazing members to our sorority and make sure that recruitment weekend goes smoothly. Most of Aly’s extracurricular life revolves around the sorority because the job of Membership Vice President requires so much from you. She takes very good care of the new members and makes sure that the sorority is presented well to potential new members. 

Being a part of the sorority is something that has been very important for Aly. She told me that she had never really pictured herself in a sorority before joining, but said it has been one of the best decisions that she has ever made. She feels passionately about our sisterhood and is so happy to be able to be a part of such an incredible group of women. And what would the sorority do without this amazing girl? 

This girl loves Boston University. She shows her care and consideration for her college and school by being a target in the BS/DPT program in Sargent. Aly is enthusiastic about her major and loves to share the different experiments and things that they do in class. She makes the grades too! Just this past week, Aly was given a certificate for her excellent GPA by Gamma Phi. Although her schedule is packed, she wants to get even more involved as she is now applying to be a Dean’s Host. I am constantly amazed by how she is able to juggle so many things so well. 

Although I’m a little biased with her being my big and all, I think this woman is really incredible. She’s incredibly busy, always working hard in school and in extracurriculars, and yet every time I see her, she is smiling and happy. She is an incredible friend. There have been times when she could not have been busier and yet she dropped everything when I needed something. A real campus celebrity doesn’t have to be the most well known person on campus. She doesn’t have to even be doing something monumental. She can be a celebrity because she’s a celeb in the lives of her friends. She makes a huge difference in my life and in my sorority and every other group that she is a part of because she is always giving her all. She’s a blessing to have in your life. If you’re close enough to her, she’ll help you organize your life as well! I strive every day to be more like my Big, and now you all can see why.

I'm a Film and Television major in the college of Communications with a minor in Women's Studies at Boston University. I'm from Louisville, Kentucky. Find me on Instagram: @taylormedford_19
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