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The ABCs of Boston: Tanning, Candy, and Art

G2O (Boston Spa and Salon)
As the warmer weather approaches, being seen with a good tan is a must for many women, and G2O offers just that.  Offering a service called Sunless Tanning, G2O Spa & Salon, located on Newbury Street, sets itself apart from other tanning salons by providing a safer way to get a tan.  The service includes a customized, mist-free application and air blow dry technology that leaves you bronzed by the end of the appointment.  With the guarantee of no streaks or spatters, who wouldn’t want to try this out?  G2O Spa and Salon also offers a variety of other services, but the Sunless Tanning is by far the most the popular this time of year.  

Hidden Sweets

With Easter quickly approaching, candy in our Easter baskets is something that is on all of our minds, and the perfect place to satisfy all of your candy needs is at Hidden Sweets in Harvard Square.  With over 250 different treats to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone at Hidden Sweets.  Originally founded in 1989 by Michael and Paula Braverman in Boston, MA, Hidden Sweets eventually moved its location to Harvard Square and has been a primer destination for candy and sweets ever since.
Instituteof Contemporary Art
The ICA is a remarkable venue on Boston's waterfront that Boston students often forget.  The ICA is home to a newly developed collection that will house works of several contemporary artists. The collection displays some of the best art of today and provides an important resource for contemporary culture in Boston. A variety of programs are also run through the ICA, such as the Film program that will show films on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons in April.  With a student admission fee of only $10, it is worth it to explore a unique piece of history in the art world right here in Boston.

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