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A Holiday Shopper’s Guide To Black Friday 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

While you may be browsing Her Campus for all things Thanksgiving this week, you might want to start planning for the day after: Black Friday!

Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season, with incredible deals and opportunities to save at all your favorite stores. 

Though the popularity of the in-person Black Friday experience has waned in favor of online shopping, I’m a traditionalist. Ever since I could drive myself, I’ve participated in the Black Friday sales by visiting the mall and wandering into store after store.

That being said, here is my guide to Black Friday: what to do, where to go, and what to prioritize.

Put yourself second

With the holidays coming up, this is your chance to save on gifts for your friends and family! 

I know it may be tempting to splurge on yourself when you see all of the sales at your favorite stores, but the costs add up.

It’s important to prioritize your loved ones first. That way, you can both justify your spending and feel good about who you’re spending for.

Plus, sales give you more leeway to get thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. I know it’s the thought that counts, but some financial flexibility never hurt!

Plan your route

Whether you’re going to the mall or shopping online, it’s good to plan where you’re going to shop ahead of time.

When I go to the mall for Black Friday, I get there as soon as it opens so I can take my time browsing or trying on clothes in fitting rooms.

I typically circulate the mall in a specific route, checking the mall directory online ahead of time to decide what stores I want to hit.

You can do this for online shopping too! Make a list of your favorite online shops and search for sales online before going into Black Friday blind.


We all tend to fall into the trap of sales, seeing the bright “50% off” signs and getting overexcited. But all of the little expenses add up. If you don’t plan accordingly, you may spend money you don’t have. 

When you’re a college student, you can’t afford to blow your bank in one day. Unless you don’t intend to spend a penny for the rest of the semester, some light budgeting is a good idea.

I don’t have a strict budget for myself, but I have a general benchmark of how much is too much. I decide how much money I’m comfortable spending in total, factoring in my estimated weekly spending and the fact that I plan to work during winter break.

It’s a little funny, but I check my bank account after a few purchases, keeping track of when I should ease up and call it a day on the shopping. After I secure gifts for my family, I see if there is still room for personal spending.

Remember what you’re thankful for

Black Friday may be after Thanksgiving, but don’t lay the message to rest! It’s important to still be thankful for what and who you have. While I’m thankful for Black Friday deals, they aren’t important in the grand scheme of things. 

This day is about getting ready for the holiday season, the season we spend with family and friends, sipping hot cocoa, and making sweet memories that we’ll cherish for years to come.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping!

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Lauren Albano is a weekly writer at the Her Campus at Boston University chapter. At Her Campus, she shares personal experiences and reflects on different aspects of her life as a new college student. Her goal is to convey her feelings in a way that readers can relate to, helping both the reader and herself to understand and stomach the exciting, and sometimes overwhelming, college experience. Beyond Her Campus, Lauren is an opinion columnist at The Daily Free Press and a writer for Off The Cuff magazine and Boston Political Review. She works on the show On That Point on BUTV10 and interns on Listen Up! on WTBU radio. She is currently a freshman at Boston University, majoring in Journalism. In her free time, Lauren enjoys playing soccer and flag football and going for walks along the Charles River. She likes to listen to music and podcasts, read literary fiction, and make cold brew coffee in her dorm. She also loves to write outside of her journalistic work and dreams of publishing her first book one day. She is an avid fan of Big Brother when she isn’t rewatching The Office or Impractical Jokers. Her all-time favorite movie is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.