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9 Retro “Friends” Inspired Outfits For This Fall

After binge-watching Friends too many times instead of being productive (shout out to my favorite show of all time). I finally got something out of it, which is a 90s-themed lookbook that I’ve been obsessed with for the past few weeks. These outfits are so classic, cute, and chic that you want to time-travel back to the last century and shine in these outfits through New York Fashion Week!



Personally, I like to go for a more loose-fitting blazer, because it can go with so many more outfit options, serving as a more stylish jacket. On the dressy side, a sheer, black, oversized blazer can pull together all the silver or gold accessories to form an elegant look. If you want to shift from office work to happy hour, definitely consider pairing it with boyfriend jeans or a chambray skirt to pull off the effortlessly chic vibe.

Crop Top and Hoodie 

There is no reason why your sporty look can’t be fashionable while doing a simple jog or working out at the gym. A cute top matched with a hoodie that has a similar tone will spice up your whole outfit, and also keep you warm on chilly, fall mornings.

Long Cardigan 

Imagine wrapping yourself up with a longline cardigan like the one in the post above after your night routine and answering the door. It’s your friend who is going to do a girl’s sleepover with you. Cuddling with friends and watching TV shows together sounds so relaxing!

Sleeveless Turtleneck 

Wearing a turtleneck sometimes can be uncomfortably thick and bulky, and thus it’s time to play a little trick on the eye. Wear this while going on a date at a restaurant and it won’t be that cold.

Plain Sweater and Patterned Skirt 

This academic, slightly preppy look, vibes with the freshman enthusiasm for college. You will become that hot girl scholar grinding in your study corner — where you study doesn’t matter, but it’s always better to glam yourself up!

Striped Shirt 

A striped shirt can be very versatile depending on how you want to style it. You can wear it tucked in with skinny jeans, untucked to give off a more casual vibe, or tied up to match some ripped jeans. Plus, so many more stylish combinations!

Layered Boho Pieces 

Phoebe’s outfits always hit the right balance! She seems to be a maximalist with varying textures and patterns, while her layerings are never too extra.

Oversized Sweater 

Fall is essentially a season when you basically live off your roomy sweaters — they are just so comfortable all the time! Choosing a loud and bright color over others may cheer you up a little more when the weather gets gloomy!

Turtleneck with a Cardigan

Layer a cute cardigan over a turtleneck for maximum warmth, without being too puffy!

These are some of the outfit ideas that I go ham for from “Friends!” To all my fellow Friends fans, I hope you are having fun recreating and playing around with your favorite looks from the show to build more outfit options into your own wardrobe.

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Zhilan is a current sophomore at Boston University. Being an extroverted introvert, she loves to cook healthy food, explore aesthetic coffee shops, and read mysteries.
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