7 Things You’ll Understand If You Have Glasses

If you are one of the many people graced with horrible vision, you know that wearing glasses has its pros and cons. As a fellow sufferer of a declining prescription, I’ve collected a few of my favorite particulars that accompany a pair of glasses. I have a feeling you’ll relate!

1. You’re automatically smarter.

Okay, so maybe your actual IQ doesn’t go up, but the stereotype that people who wear glasses are smarter definitely does exist. Everyone who actually has glasses knows that they just mean that your vision is slowly leaving you (not something to be über positive about) but to others, your glasses can help leave a positive impression!

2. They fall down (CONSTANTLY).

A day will never go by in which you don’t push your glasses up your nose at least 25 times. Glasses are annoying that way––they never stay where you want them to. You could try and counteract this by getting glasses with those little adjustable nose pads, but those will just leave red marks and inevitably slide down too. You just can’t win.

3. You’re screwed if you lose them.

The fact that you’ve misplaced a pretty expensive pair of glasses is one thing, but the worst part is that you have no way of finding them again. If you have horrible eyesight and everything just becomes shapes and colors, the glasses search just becomes 15 minutes of feeling every surface hoping that your glasses will be there.

4. Lying on your Side is IMPOSSIBLE.

Who doesn’t want to cozy up under a blanket, lie down, and settle in for a good movie? Not someone with glasses, I’ll tell you. The minute the side of your head hits the pillow, your glasses will be pushed out of place and be squashed into your temple, probably jabbing your nose and making you super uncomfortable. If you want to actually enjoy watching the movie, better get used to sitting up.

5. Sunglasses are a pain.

As much as you might want to buy those super cute and trendy sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, unless you have contacts, you just can’t. If you have bad eyesight and rely on your glasses, you can either wear prescription sunglasses or not wear any at all and just squint a lot (something that probably doesn’t help your already-bad vision).

6. People asking if you need help is frustrating.

Sometimes people who don’t have glasses just don’t understand what everything looks like without corrected vision. We’ve all had at least one person ask us to take our glasses off and tell them how many fingers they are holding up. It’s like, yes, we can still see objects everyone! They are just REALLY blurry. Yes, you are holding up three fingers. Yes, I’m sure.

7. Weather affects everything.

As great as it is that your glasses can keep raindrops from getting into your eyes… it’s not so great when you suddenly don’t know where you are going because they are coated in water. Stepping outside and having your glasses unexpectedly fog up is really a lovely inconvenience. Mother Nature… it’s bad enough that we can’t see normally but now you have to make it even harder?! *allow me to fall on my knees and cry to the heavens for all glasses wearers*

Hope that these seven things made you chuckle and appreciate your glasses… even though they can be a total pain sometimes! Glasses UNITE!

Cover Photo Credit: SelectSpecs


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