7 Covers You Should Listen to Right Now

Do you ever find a really good song and listen to it non-stop? Do you end up listening to it so much to the point that you don’t even like it anymore? If so, then you’re a lot like me and in constant need of fresh music. If you’re also looking for some new songs to listen to, then here are seven covers to check out.


1. La La La - Carrie Hope Fletcher

Carrie Hope Fletcher has a more simple take on this song with just her ukelele and her beautiful singing voice. This cover is especially nice to listen to while walking along Comm. Ave.


2. Say Hello – Molly + Maisie



This relaxing and sweet cover of “Say Hello” is perfect to listen to while doing work or when you need to take a break from doing work.

3. What Now - The Nor’easters



This acapella group from Northeastern (trust me, they’re good) performed this Rihanna song so well that it’s hard to believe this is live.


4. Wherever You Will Go – Charlene Soraia



This cover is also so incredibly pretty and calming to listen to! A beautiful love song whether you’re in love or not.


5. I’ll Never Fall in Love Again – Iba ft. Marvin Gallop



Although this is kind of the opposite of the love song from before, it is just as beautiful and nice to listen to. Also, if you haven’t seen the movie it is featured in, “Love Rosie,” consider watching it!


6. White Winter Hymnal – Birdy



Given that it’s now December, a Christmas song is in order. This cover of White Winter Hymnal by Birdy is hauntingly beautiful and addictive.


7.  Heart Out – Twenty One Two



Twenty One Two’s cover of this 1975 song is enough to make you press the replay button over and over again. They make a bunch of other amazing covers too, so be sure to check them out!


Some of these may have a fresh take on songs that you already love, or some may be completely new songs to become obsessed with. Hopefully, this provided you with some new covers and/or songs to listen to during the last few weeks before break!


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