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The 7 Best Throwback Jams to Get Your Summer Started Right

By Eliza Shaw

This is harder than you think! I mean picking only 7 throwback songs is almost an impossible task. But no worries, I will attach a full Spotify playlist made by yours truly with about 100 more!

1. I Write Sins Not Tragedies: Panic! at the Disco

This song is a classic if I’ve ever heard one. I mean, if you don’t know this song can you really claim you were part of the early 2000’s angst movement? It is just so good and the music video is so damn early 2000’s. If you haven’t heard of this song or don’t recall it well…I would highly recommend you add it to your Throwback playlist!

2.  Dirty Little Secret: The All American Rejects

Ughhhh this song is the definition of a bop. First off the beat drop made my 7-year-old heart erupt with pure joy and unexplainable happiness. Second of all their whole “Move Along” album is A-MAH-ZINGG. I mean there’s Move Along, It Ends Tonight, and I really can’t keep rambling so please do me a favor and listen to the entire album. Thank you, friends! 

3. Welcome to the Black Parade: My Chemical Romance

AHHHHH I’m sorry I am completely fangirling right now. There are so many dimensions to this song…I mean, it starts off slow and mesmerizing and then develops into a classic ballot of angst. A must listen for sure!

4. Year 3000: The Jonas Brothers

Don’t you dare bash the Jonas Brothers. Nick, Joe, and the ever lovable Kevin are a true power team. They have such catchy hits and their vocals are out of this world! Sure Nick and Joe have their own successful careers now but nothing beats the OG Jonas Bros.

5. Mr. Brightside: The Killers

This is just such a good song! The Killers are still kicking today and Mr. Brightside is by far one of their best. It is such a great mix of angst and pop and a definite must listen to. Also, listen to the whole album (Hot Fuss) for a great time and some possibly cringy flashbacks!

6. Sk8r Boi: Avril Lavigne 

Is she alive? Is she dead? Well, I don’t know… but this song will never die! To all the h8rs out there try…listen to this song before you let the title deter you. A rock anthem that promotes accepting who you are and has debatably the best-spelled title in existence….that’s a win!

7. Take a Bow: Rihanna

Well for starts it is Rihanna…RIHANNA! She’s a queen and we all know it. Second of all this song is so emotional while also catchy and badass. I mean I broke up with my imaginary boyfriend to this song. Ugh, such a bop and a must listen to by all ages, genders, races, religions, and music cultures.

Okay, so I hope you love all these songs as much as I do! Feel free to check out this throwback playlist I made for my own enjoyment (but I am so happy to share it with y’all) Jam out and have a great summer folks!

Throwback Jams Spotify Playlist


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