7 Best Things to Buy at Primark if You're a College Student

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

When you're a college student, especially in the busy and expensive city of Boston, it's difficult to keep up with trends and get your shopping fix while also having to worry about buying food and textbooks. With a thin wallet and big style dreams, it's hard to find somewhere that has it all. But last year, Primark came to us and saved.the.day. And now, they're saving us YET AGAIN with some new ~renovations~.

Primark's flagship store in Downtown Crossing unveiled their new renovations on March 13th. They added 14,700 square feet onto that puppy, making the store a whopping 92,000 square feet now with 115 fitting rooms, a bigger men's and kid's section, three entrances, and more registers.

In honor of this angelic expansion, here are 7 things you can buy at Primark if you're ballin' on a budget.


1. Fast Fashion

We all know that bell sleeve ruffle top is THE top for spring, but who has enough money to splurge on a name brand shirt you'll wear once (twice, if you're feeling dangerous) and probably forget about until you're cleaning out your closet next year thinking... "Why did I buy this again??" If you buy it for under $20 at Primark, you'll drop it off at Goodwill with #NoRagrets.


2. Staple Pieces

Who doesn't need a good vest, band tee, and a pair of acid wash jeans? Primark has an amazing basics section that has t-shirts, denim, sweatshirts, tank tops, you name it and they have it in every color. These are perfect because you'll wear them to death until they fall apart and then you replace them at the same store. They won't go away, and you won't have to worry about throwing your money away. 


3. Trendy Swimwear

Okay, you don't need a new swimsuit every year, but every so often new styles will come and go and you're laying on the beach in your black bikini or one-piece looking at other girls like, "dang, where'd she get that cute suit? I want one." The answer? Probably somewhere you can't afford. BUT! Have no fear, because Primark has got you covered with adorable one- and two-pieces that will have you feeling fun and flirty poolside or by the beach


4. Quirky Accessories

The best part about walking around the mall is looking in the windows of all the cute and preppy stores and seeing purses shaped like ice cream cones, telephones, and hot air balloons. The worst part about walking around the mall are the price tags on those statement accessories. At Primark, you can get your food shaped quirky accessories at a FRACTION of the price of places that rhyme with "Date Blade" or "Jetsy Brohnson."


5. Flirty PJ's

Who doesn't love a set of matching PJ's? Throw out those sweatpants and old theatre t-shirts and make that upgrade. 'Nuff said. 


6. Cozy Bedding

Sometimes mid-year you're just in need of a good change. Grab some decorative pillows and a new throw blanket, and you've got a completely new dorm room. Plus, they won't break the bank. Most cute decorative pillows run for over $50 apiece. But if you went looking for your New and Improved bedroom at Primark, you could get a whole new space for that much.


7. Happy Houseware

If you're ever looking to spice up your room with new lights, knickknacks, or decorations, Primark has THE BEST home goods section on the entire planet. They carry the sweetest smelling candles, most unique twinkle lights, and other themed decorations. Grab some photo clips to hang pics of you and your besties, or a pineapple tumbler for tanning on the BU Beach.


In honor of Primark's new renovation, they will be hosting a Student Night on Wednesday, April 26th from 6-8pm at their Downtown Crossing Location. We are so happy that they partnered with our HerCampus Boston University Chapter for the event. There will be music, refreshments, a gift card GIVEAWAY, and more! We hope to see you there!

All photos from Primark and Primark's Instagram.