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6 Songs To Get Your Playlist Ready For Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

It’s almost summer and with the change of season, and that means changes to your playlist, too! With the six songs below, I’ve got you covered. From upbeat tunes for parties to slower beats for those chill nights––and anything in between––there are plenty of songs that fit a summery mood. Here’s to a summer filled with great songs and even better company!

1. Better Not by Louis the Child feat. Wafia

Picture Credit: Spotify

My friend recommended this song to me, and I know I will be playing it on repeat throughout the summer. It has a nice beat to it, but I wouldn’t classify it as EDM. This is also my first time listening to Wafia, but her voice is so light and youthful, it is perfect for “Better Not.” 

2. Cold War by Cautious Clay

Picture Credit: Spotify

If I had to pick one word to describe this song, it would be “chill.” It’s a bit slower paced, so you are able to focus on the lyrics. The first line “yellow tinted lenses and a pink gelato” embodies a vision of summer- sunglasses on and gelato in hand. Enjoy this song during nights with friends, or when you are just taking in that summer feeling.

3. My Love by Wale, Major Lazer, Wizkid, and Dua Lipa

Picture Credit: Spotify

This song is the epitome of a summer jam. It has a bit of a tropical feel and a faster pace, and several artists featured throughout. It’s definitely something I would play while hanging out with my friends at the pool or simply driving around.

4. 2:AM by Anthony Russo

Picture Credit: Spotify

Anthony Russo’s voice is so soothing and with lyrics like “I’m just looking for my person, but she’s outta reach” to “And now it’s 2 AM, I’m up, all in my head,” you will be singing this song all summer long. It has a nice pace that works for socializing or simply relaxing by yourself.

5. Crash into You by Artec and Joselyn Rivera

Picture Credit: Spotify

If you like “In the Name of Love” by Bebe Rexha, you will probably like this song. Its beat will make you want to dance, so definitely listen to this during your summer parties, by the pool, or driving around town with your friends.

6. One and Only by Cuco

Picture Credit: Spotify

This song’s vibe and the sound is nothing less than unique. It’s also a bit slower paced, so I love to focus on the lyrics such as “girl, I wanna be your one and only” and “let’s make this life our best, I’ll take care of all the rest.” It is a bit more romantic, so listen to it with your partner or when you’re thinking of your crush.

While most people think of summer songs as upbeat or even EDM, there are so many moments of summer that call for slower and more relaxed music. From “One and Only” to “Better Not”, I hope these songs inspire you to explore different genres and artists to add to your summer playlist.


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