6 Reasons Why Sex and the City Should Be Your Next Friday Night Binge

Sex and the City is the timeless show of friendship, sex, and dating. The show offers more than raunchy jokes and couture clothing — Sex and the City brings lessons that college students and women everywhere can find impactful. Here’s why its your next binge!

1. The female friendships! 

The female friendships in Sex and the City don’t just add to the “feel good” aspect of the show, but they also provide viewers with an incredibly healthy view of friendships today. Rather than pitting the girls against each other, the characters in the show constantly build each other up with honesty and humor. Not to mention weekly coffee dates filled with smart retorts and meaningful conversations.

2. The all-female cast is amazing!

For the first few seasons, every consistent protagonist in the show is a woman! Basing this show around women and their experiences navigating their 30’s makes for relatable content in which men aren’t necessary. 

3. Relationships! 

I mean Sex and the City is very much centered around romantic relationships, but the relationships are diverse in nature. Samantha explores her sexuality throughout the show, while Charlotte pursues monogamy relentlessly, and Carrie dates all sorts of men from investment bankers to world-renowned artists. 

4. It has relatable women in powerful positions!

All of the women expertly juggle their social and dating lives with incredibly demanding jobs. Miranda, a Harvard graduate, makes partner at her law firm; Carrie begins to write freelance for Vogue while also maintaining her weekly column, and Samantha is a PR agent in New York. Seeing these sexual women in powerful diverse positions is incredibly uplifting and important for women everywhere to see! 

5. It tackles women’s health in a new way!

The show is indeed about women, and their health comes along with that. The girls discuss abortions, STD’s, and breast cancer with a frankness that is so needed in media these days! Watching these characters combat these obstacles in their health opens up a space for similar conversations everywhere. 

6. It’s really just a feel-good show!

Watching Sex and the City is just like taking a deep breath for me. It is uplifting and humorous and incredibly ahead of its time. Watching these women come together to support each other through their lives brings me so much joy. I see each of my friends in them! There’s my “Charlotte” who’s is fiercely loyal and will stand up for me when no one else does. My “Samantha” — who is so outrageous you have to love her — will never judge you for any mistakes you might have made.

These women are role models to me and I love watching their “lives” play out in the show! 


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