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6 Must-Have Items for Your Dorm This Year

With the school year just starting and most classes going online, some decor can spruce up your room and make it a comfortable place to study and chill in! Not only that, but decorations can become statement pieces that give you an appealing background for Zoom calls. So, here are six super cute items you can buy to decorate your space with and make it your own! Bonus: all of these items are made by artists and/or small businesses!

Art Prints from GDBEE Art

From girls with stars in their hair to whimsical flower vans, GDBEE Art has a wide range of gorgeous prints to choose from. The prints come in a variety of sizes, from small, postcard-sized prints to larger, poster-sized prints. Can’t choose just one? Get a set of small prints and arrange them on your wall to make your room seem like a mini museum! Grab a print or two here.

DIY Embroidery Hoops from Coconut Theory

Looking for a way to relieve your stress and decorate your space? Try getting one of the embroidery kits from Coconut Theory. They carry a range of kits for every skill level, from beginner to advanced. Once you’ve finished embroidering your pattern, hang it up on your wall to add that spark of joy to your room! You can choose from a whole variety of patterns here.

Bulb Bud Vases from Paper & Clay Ceramics

Foster a green thumb by planting a succulent or any other cute plant in one of these adorable little vases from Paper & Clay Ceramics. The vases come in a variety of pastel colors and will make a perfect addition to your desk. They also come in small sizes that will make decorating a whole lot easier. Get one for yourself here!

Moon Garland Decor from BASE ROOTS

Hang this garland up near your bed to take you to dreamland each night. This simple yet cute garland features different phases of the moon and it is a perfect addition for anyone who loves the night sky. Coming in both silver and gold, the garland is available here.

Round Memo Board from TheHeartDepartment

Keep track of your events and daily tasks with this gorgeous memo board! With a clip for to-do lists and a leather strap that makes the board easy to hang anywhere, this memo board is sure to keep you organized for the rest of the school year. You can even use it as a hanging photo display to hang up your favorite photos! Get one for yourself here.

Knit Pumpkins from KniftyLittleThing

Get into the fall spirit with these adorable hand-knitted pumpkins! The pumpkins come in different colors and materials, from the warm Harvest color to the chunky CreamSpeckle. Regardless of what color or material you choose, these pumpkins are sure to help you fall back into fall! Adopt one of these cuties here.

Add some sparkle and jazz to your room with one or all of these items!

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Emily is currently a junior at Boston University studying English and English Education. In addition to her love for reading and writing, she has an unhealthy obsession with cute desserts and graphic tee shirts. When she's not typing away on her laptop, you can find her cafe hunting, bopping to music, or doodling.
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