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5 Websites to Get You Through Finals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

The end is nigh, but we’ve still got a week to get through before we can say this year is finally finished. If you’re sweating bullets every time you think about your final exams, a little help is all you need. Check out the five sites below to get yourself motivated, concentrated, organized, and most importantly, alive at the end of it all!

1. Rogerhub

Before you get deep into finals preparation, stop by Rogerhub to get an idea of how stressed you should be for your upcoming test. It’s not worth tiring yourself out over a test you may be able to ease off on. If you’re not sure how high a grade you need to get a good grade in a class, this site is essential — calculate the percentage you need for every final, then split up your energy accordingly.

2. Mendeley

For everyone going head to head with research papers this semester, this site is invaluable. Instead of slugging your way through sources and jamming all of them into your unsorted bookmarks, use your Mendeley account to save all your articles into your site library. You can search through your personal library after you collect everything, and it can even cite everything properly for you as you write. Plus, Mendeley is free both online and in the app store!

3. myhomeworkapp.com

If a paper agenda isn’t cutting it for you, try out this site/app that helps you organize events, homework, projects, and basically everything else for which you may need a reminder. You get alerted of upcoming assignments so you don’t forget what you wrote in your agenda three weeks ago, and it lets you divide up everything according to class or what day of the week it is (or both!). It’s also mobile so you have easy access to everything you have to do.

4. myNoise.net

My personal favorite of all the sites mentioned so far, myNoise.net, lets you choose from a huge variety of soothing sounds to help you zone into your studying. Ambience is everything when it’s crunch time, so if you find yourself getting easily distracted or bothered by the sounds around you (noisy floormates, loud traffic, etc) then plug your headphones into your computer and pull up the My Noise generator. Among the most popular choices are ocean waves, rainfall, wind chimes, and even miscellaneous café noises. You can also adjust each sound to your liking, like adding more bass to the rainfall to imitate the sound of faraway thunder, or pick from preset settings like “Fairy Rain” or “Under the Leaves”. This app is also fantastic for when you’re having trouble falling asleep…because you’re nervous for your final the next morning.

5. app.myst​udylife.com

Similar to myhomework.app, this site lets you construct what your entire semester is going to look like. You can add assignments, important dates, classes, class duration, and a whole other variety of things to bring order to an otherwise cluttered academic schedule. Assignments due in the coming three days will show up as reminders, and will even show you incomplete or overdue assignments if you miss them. It’s a great tool for getting everything organized and manageable. Good luck!

Nicole is a junior Film/TV major at Boston University. She's an Argentinean first generation student who made the leap from Miami to Boston for college. She has chosen writing as a career for reasons no one can explain, except maybe with theories of her masochistic tendencies. She dreams of being on a writing team for a sitcom and someday becoming a showrunner of her own original show.
Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.