5 Ways to Wear Your Favorite T-Shit

1.     With a cute blazer, jeans, and some wedges or heels. Nothing says sophisticated chic like dressing up your favorite t-shirt. So summer is over and fall starts again. You have all of your junky t-shirts you wore this summer and know that they’re not cute enough for school occasions. Got a university t-shirt with holes in it, or your favorite graphic tee? Dress it up with a nice black, or bright tuxedo blazer. This can be worn with a skirt or shorts while it is still warm outside and then you can move to jeans when it gets colder. Complete this outfit with a cute pair of wedges or stiletto high heels. This is a very cute look for a date, for hanging out with friends, or even for class.

2.     With a skater skirt, sneakers, and bulky jewelry. You’ll love this cool classic while it’s still pretty outside. When you wake up late in the morning and you want something cute, but something that doesn’t take a lot of time, use this outfit to stay stylish without missing class. Your favorite band or concert t-shirt paired with a billowy dark colored skater skirt and any color Chucks or Keds with a large bright colored necklace will make a perfect outfit for those rush days. Pair with a leather jacket once it gets colder and you have a great outfit for parties and concerts.

3.     With printed leggings or pants, a bulky scarf, and ballet flats. This should be your go-to for cozy days. You can pair a long-sleeved sorority tee or a baseball tee with some printed pants and you have a fabulous combination. Add an infinity scarf or loosely knitted scarf and keep your hair up, either in a bun or braids, and pair this ensemble with some leather ballet flats. This will be a great outfit for a school day or lounging around.

4.     With a patterned or tie-dyed maxi skirt, Grecian sandals, and long chained jewelry. Add a hat or a nice headband if you feel like it. For days when you are feeling like a diva, this is the look for you. Maxi skirts are totally in right now and nothing brings together a look more than a baggy v-neck t-shirt. While it is still pretty outside, take advantage of your sandals one last time. This outfit would be cute with a long gold chain of some sort and maybe even large sunglasses. This outfit will have you looking like a celebrity and is totally perfect for hanging out with friends, going to class, or even flying home for a weekend.

5.     With leggings or tight sweatpants, sneakers, a baseball cap, and a cardigan. The workout-look is totally in right now, which is hugely convenient for all the college girls out there. When you’re constantly on the go and you want to be comfortable and mobile, this is the look for you. Pair a loose sports tee or plain t-shirt with your favorite running leggings or some tighter sweatpants. These are definitely stylish right now so pair it up with your normal sneakers and rock the look with either a cardigan or a tight fitting sweatshirt. Love your Red Sox baseball cap? Well, now is the time for you to break it out again. Braid your hair loosely, or even try a fishtail and finish the look with a backpack or a large hobo bag.