5 Ways to Practice Gratitude Every Day

This holiday season, I have a lot to be thankful for. But, at my Thanksgiving dinner, I realized that I practice gratitude regularly and I didn’t need Thanksgiving to be reminded of all that I have this year. Here are some ways to incorporate gratitude into your life every day.


1. Write a card.​

Sending someone a card for their birthday, a get-well card, or even sending fun Valentine’s cards to your friends reminds you how special these people are in your life. And, while you’re writing the card, you’ll be reminded of all the reasons you’re glad to have them.


2. Take the scenic route.

When you have to go somewhere, try going the more beautiful route so that you can appreciate the commute to wherever you’re going rather than dreading it. I LOVE using the Esplanade to get around Boston because I love walking on it so much.


3. Give strangers the benefit of the doubt.

I’ve realized that getting angry with strangers in Boston doesn’t help me at all when I’m going about my life. When someone cuts me off, cuts in front of me, or is rude in general I try to think that they’re having a bad day and that it isn’t about me. This way, I am less irritated — especially during Red Sox games when the city is the most crowded.


4.  Keep a gratitude journal.

This is something that I don’t do, but having something tangible reminding you of all that you’re glad to have in your life will keep you less fixated on the bad stuff.


5. Do something small every day that you love.

Photo Credit: CNN

I truly believe that life is too short to drink lukewarm water or bad coffee. I always keep a Brita filter in the fridge with cold water. It is something that I have done for myself since I was 13 and I think that it improves the quality of my life. It makes me happy, and it’s something small that I do for myself every day.

Similarly, I look forward to drinking good coffee every day. I either make it in the French press during the fall and winter, or I make drip coffee that I store in the fridge during the spring and summer. I love mornings and I love coffee. Drinking good coffee sets the whole tone for a positive day.



There’s a lot to be grateful for this holiday season. Incorporating gratitude into everyday life can improve your relationships, sleep, and physical health.


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