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5 Ways to Make Your Dorm Cozy

Now that fall and cold temperatures are well within our radar, it is time to make sure your living space is as cozy as possible. As college students, we spend a lot of time in our dorm rooms during the colder months.

Here are some ways to make your dorm room have the perfect cozy vibes for the upcoming season. You’ll have every girl wishing they had your room!


1. The perfect throw blanket

Urban Outfiters Throw Blanket

Nothing screams cozy and warm like a huge fuzzy throw blanket. These cozy and large blankets are perfect to layer at the end of your bed or maybe even on a chair. They look pretty and are the perfect way to get cozy without fully melting into your bed.  


2. Warm Lighting

Urban Outfiters Copper Firefly Lightsh

The best and easiest way to change the vibes of any room is with lighting! Add some string lights to your walls or find a pretty lamp that you can add on your desk or nightstand. The addition of warm lighting brings all the cozy vibes. It makes the dull and blue ceiling light in your dorm something you’ll never turn on!


3. Personal Décor

Photo credit: Dormify

Decorating your dorm room is the ultimate way to liven the space. It gives you the opportunity to truly personalize the boring white walls and make it feel less like a 10 by 10 shoebox of a room. Add artwork and posters on the wall to bring your personal touch to the room. Maybe hang or frame your favorite pictures too. A decorated room is a warm and cozy one that welcomes whoever walks in. When you are curled up in a throw blanket and drinking tea on a Sunday night, you’ll be surrounded by a space that you are happy to be in.


4. A Fluffy Rug

Urban Outfiters Faux Fur Rugh

To enhance your space even more, add a cozy rug to cover the not so nice dorm room rug. This will transform your space by giving you a nice spot to sit and hang out with friends. It’ll also make your dorm feel homey and that’s all we could ask for! Especially during the winter months, you’ll be thankful for the cozy rug and the warmth it brings to your room.


5.  A warm scent

Pharma Candle
Light candles, if they are allowed, or get room spray to top off the cozy vibes. Nothing is more inviting and comforting than a nice scent. Candles are a great way to cozy up a room and bring a scent in, but room sprays or essential oil diffusers also do the trick!


With the chilly season approaching, it is the perfect time to cozy up your dorm room! So pick out a throw blanket, hang up some pictures, light a candle, and you’ve got yourself a room you’ll never want to leave.


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Christina Constantine is a Boston University senior studying journalism. She is a New York City native that loves all things fashion, health, and lifestyle related.    
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