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5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day, but I’ve never actually had a valentine on Valentine’s Day. To me, it’s one of my favorite days dedicated to celebrating all of the loves in my life, from my dog to my best friends. Here are some ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day single or not.

1. Decorate.

Valentine’s Day falls during the drabbest and dreariest part of the year, in my opinion. Decorating for Valentine’s Day is a great way to spice up your living space and mood during last full month of a very long winter. Try heart shaped stick-on decals for the window, flowers, and anything from the $1 section at target.

2. Make cards.

Valentine’s Cards aren’t only for your fourth-grade class. Make a list of all your closest friends and acquaintances and get some candy and give them out. Giving cards will elevate your mood and make your friends feel loved on Valentine’s day!

3. Send cards.

Sending cards to your long distance BFFs remind them how loved they are, and is an amazing way to reconnect. Everyone loves snail mail even though no one sends it anymore.

4. Gal pals.

Spending time with your Gal Pals is another way to remind yourself how much you love them, and to celebrate all of the love that exists within your life. Galentine’s day is the best day of the year IMO. Have a movie night with a fun rom-com or get fun desserts with all your friends to celebrate the big day.

5. Valentine’s Day outfit.

Show up to your 8 am in your favorite red sweater. Wear your black top with your favorite heart-shaped earrings and red lipstick. If you’re sad about being single today, a fun pink or red outfit will lift your spirits.

Overall, I feel that Valentine’s day is a celebration of the love that you have in your life. So, get the pink confetti and have fun with it.


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