The 5 Types of Ubers You’ll Take

Before coming to school in Boston, I had never really used Uber. I lived in suburbia — waiting for an Uber to come to cow country would have been a longer wait than walking. When I first arrived at school, I immediately set up an Uber account, though I promised I would use public transport more.

Wrong. The convenience of Uber is just so enticing, and Uber Pool is a genius money saver. Why wait for the BU bus for twenty minutes when a $4 Uber Pool could be at your door in two minutes? Though I may not be great at saving money, I’m definitely great at finding the most convenient option from getting to West Campus from East in less than ten minutes.

So, what have I learned in my year and a half of being an Uber customer? That there are many different types of Ubers you can take. Here’s my take on the five most common Ubers college students will find themselves in.


1. The Party Uber

Everyone has been in a rambunctious Uber before. Whether it’s your friends who are bringing the noise (watch for those dips in Uber ratings, folks), or your driver playing some great tunes on the radio, these wild rides are perfect for a night out. There was even a popular Twitter thread devoted to an Uber driver who literally DJ’ed the ride. My friend Natalie once rode in an Uber that has its own Instagram, because it’s covered in post-it notes and disco lights. You could say that was a unique trip. Whatever your party Uber is like, it’s bound to be a story you’re going to be sharing the rest of the weekend.


2. The Oversharing Car

This is an unfortunate Uber ride. Everyone runs the risk of sharing the car with an odd passenger when you select an Uber Pool. My own encounter was with two very enthusiastic young women who invited me out with them (thank you, but hard no), and then proceeded to psychoanalyze their entire dating history. I learned more about the one woman’s relationship with her boyfriend “Aaron” than I learned for my PR midterm the next day. I honestly felt like I knew more about this relationship and its roots than I did some of my family members. You could say it was a cringeworthy car ride.  


3. The Heart-to-Heart Uber

This is one of my favorite types of Ubers. A lot of the genius behind Uber is that it is regular people driving you around, so a lot of times they’re willing to talk to you. This sometimes results in real heart-to-hearts. Coming back from a night out, people just open up. I’ve had conversations with Uber drivers where they talk about their experiences fighting in a war, their estranged relationships with their family, and immigration. It’s a weird setting to have a deep conversation, but somehow it happens frequently.  


4. The “Where is your GPS” Uber

We’ve all had this moment — you have your phone out, ready to text one of your friends saying “I have no idea where my Uber driver is taking me.” My friend Julie said one time, her Uber took her to the North End by accident when she was meant to go to Cambridge. One time, I was going to North Station and my Uber took me closer to Cambridge before rerouting and going back into the city. No one wants to be a backseat driver, but no one wants to end up in BC territory when they’re trying to get to the opposite side of the city. The temptation of taking your driver’s phone and fixing the GPS is overwhelming in these situations.


5. The Hospitable Uber

These Ubers are the calming, soothing ones. You and your driver may not exchange words beyond pleasantries, but you’ll see the car is lined with bottled water and you understand this driver truly wants you to feel like a relaxed passenger. Despite not talking, you hit them with that five-star rating because riding in comfort? Nothing like it. Also, if you offer me the AUX, I love you forever.


These are just some of the Ubers you’ll experience during your time at college. Whether you’re a frequent customer or you save your money (unlike me), you’ll find you get some interesting stories out of being an Uber customer. Always make sure you’re nice and considerate to your drivers! If you’re a mess in someone’s car, watch that rating plummet —that’s NOT a good story.

Got any crazy Uber stories? Feel free to share them with us!


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