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5 Professor You’ll Face in College

1. The Storyteller

-Spends majority of class time telling stories from his life, and claims said stories are relevant to the material (which is false, 85% of the time). Gives vague directions for assignments, and the first test completely blindsides you. You may not know what the second law of thermodynamics is, but you do know your professor broke his leg while ice-skating with his niece. Useful, right??

-How to Get an A: The textbook is now your best friend. Read it if you want to find out what this class is actually about.


2. The Dictator

-With this professor, it’s her way or the high way. Your papers better be exactly 4 pages, written in 12-point Arial font, and have 1-inch margins, or down a letter grade you go. Does not tolerate tardiness or happy people. The only excuse she’ll take for late assignments is if you fall into a coma, if she’s feeling generous.

-How to Get an A: Don’t let her nit-picky personality get in the way of succeeding in her class. If you carefully read over all – and I mean all­ – of her instructions, the class will become easier.


 3. The Snoozefest

-Creates boring slideshows that she reads in an equally boring, monotone voice. The class goes by so slowly, you’re thankful when it’s a test day just so you don’t have to sit through lecture. Usually a nice person and explains material in detail, but horribly, horribly boring.

-How to Get an A: Don’t fall asleep or skip lecture. Write down the notes from the power point, and remember that a boring, kind teacher is better than a confusing, indifferent one.


4. The Ego

-Brags about his experience in the field. Often goes off on tangents about The Field, and why his Field is the best, and all the lessons being in The Field taught him. Grades harshly on assignments and answers questions in a condescending tone. Comes off as bitter and uninterested in students’ success, probably because he wishes he was still in The Field.

-How to Get an A: Get past the ego, and take good notes in his lecture. If you can, go to his office hours. He might be a little pretentious, but he does have the ability to take what you’re studying and put it in real-life context.


5. The Mentor

-Funny, engaging, and everything Rate My Professor said he would be. Tells stories but still makes sure you know what’s on the test. Has good insight into the industry related to his class, but speaks of it humbly. Not necessarily an easy class, but enjoyable. Always happy to meet with students, and someone you can go to for advice.

-How to Get an A: Enjoy the class! The A isn’t as important as getting to know him outside of class, as well. If you’re interested in what he teaches, get coffee with him. He could even be a potential resource for a connection to an internship or job.

Olivia Shur is a student at Boston University. She enjoys food, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and watching cat videos when she really should be studying. She is a PR major in the College of Communication.
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