5 Pairs of Fall-Weather Booties to Buy Immediately

I’m the type of person that wears sneakers all year round. My favorite pair, a white Michael Kors number with some gold accents, is my absolute favorite. I can forego all other shoes, or so I thought. While there’s no problem with rocking sneaks in the summer, Boston weather refuses to give me that kind of joy in the fall months.

I actively avoid shoes that aren’t sneakers. In my backpack, I carry a pair of plastic shoe covers so I can protect my sneakers. The sad truth is however, sneakers aren’t designed for all types of weather and terrain. These boots however, are. Here are five picks from someone who doesn’t tend to like or buy boots all that much.

  1. There is nothing not to like about these boots. Perfect for the type of person who, like me, is a bit more hesitant to give up the sneaker aesthetic and vibe. They’re waterproof— here I come, Boston storms!— and feature a corduroy lining to keep you warm. I’m also a sucker for a nice pair of leather shoes. They're available in black, red, gold, and green.

  2. It wouldn’t be an article about fall boots without a classic duck boot. Boston residents love their L.L. Bean boots but as a Connecticuter, my loyalty lies with Sperry. These boots are perfect for rain, snow (gross but inevitable), and rough/muddy terrain. Money-saving tip: these are also available at stores like Marshall’s sometimes where you can score them for half the price or even less!

  3. Waterproof. Suede. Nothing else needs to be said.

    These boots give off no-nonsense energy and are ideal for any tough conditions. Reviewers have even claimed that they’ve stepped into rivers and their feet have stayed dry. You’ll have to decide for yourself if that sounds true, but it’s definitely promising.

  4. With a $200 price tag, these booties are definitely more of an investment purchase. They’re offered in such a wide variety of colors (including color-blocked options so you can have the best of both worlds) and boast “city-chic gore,” which is a vibe I didn’t even know I wanted. They ooze style, are work appropriate, and are waterproof. The three-inch heel is perfect to add some height, while the Chelsea wedge style ensures they don’t kill your feet. Plus, 98% of reviewers recommend it.

  5. I love these boots so much that they have a home in my own closet. I’m not the hugest fan of traditional rain boots— I’m a bit uneasy about how glossy they typically are— but these rain boots are not only a wonderful matte black, but the Chelsea silhouette doesn’t scream “These are rain boots!.” They’re made of a sleek rubber and come in a really cute shoe box (which is irrelevant, but also a nice addition).

Next time you’re in the mood for a retail therapy haul, but also want to invest in something practical, splurge on some of these boots!

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