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5 Must-Visit Coffee Shops in Taipei

I usually drink two cups of coffee a day–not because I really need caffeine to function, but because I genuinely love coffee and its aroma. I am always looking for coffee shops in different cities, so here are my top five coffee shops in Taipei.

Coffee Essential

This coffee shop is located in a quiet neighborhood called Minsheng Community. It is my personal favorite cafe, as it is super cozy, and I am always highly productive there. Its drip coffee is really strong and not overbitter, which is perfect to go with dessert! I recommend the cheesecake and cookies, as they are really delightful and will motivate you for the entire afternoon. Additionally, this coffee shop has awesome hospitality and offers free WiFi.

Scene Homeware

This coffee shop is around Taipei Arena, which is accessible through public transportation. It features a vintage, Japanese style of interior design, and it provides delicious food! One of their popular orders is Stout Beer Beef with Rice, which can definitely satisfy your appetite. Also, their cat shows up occasionally in the store, so I’d definitely recommend if you are a cat person!

Tamed Fox

This cafe has an energetic atmosphere and is English-friendly! It features healthy, seasonal dishes, and all of them are really delicious. I personally think it has the best avocado toast in Taipei, as it is super flavorful and served with a variety of vegetables. For drinks, I recommend its nitrogen coffee since it is really smooth and creamy without a drop of milk! By the way, this coffee shop offers gluten-free and vegetarian options as well, as long as you you ask beforehand!

Balcony Cafe

This one is also a gem in the tranquil Dazhi Community. The shop owner is like a mother who takes care of you so well!  It has a variety of daily cake selections, and my favorite one is taro, an iconic Taiwanese sweet. This cafe is also a great working environment–it is close to high schools and colleges, so there are often lots of students studying there. I often visit there to enjoy a cake and a book and sit beside the balcony for a leisurely afternoon.

Beckhome Roasting House

This is a two-story coffee shop featuring a wide selection of bakeries! You can see the staff roasting fresh coffee beans on the first floor while others are baking goods on the second floor. Personally, I really love their smashed avocado buns, as the buns are moist, soft, and served right as they come out of the oven. Additionally, their chiffon cakes are light and guilt-free! And you have to try the matcha flavor, which is both yummy and perfect for an Instagram shot. 

There are tons of coffee shops in Taipei, but I specifically visit these five so often that their owners now know and recognize me. If you are planning a trip to Taipei after COVID-19 is under control, don’t forget to put these cafes on your list–you’ll thank me later!


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Irene is currently a senior studying health science and journalism at Boston University. She is from Taipei Taiwan, a tropical country, but she always wants to live in a cold city like Boston. In her free time, she loves to read, draw, hang out with friends, and explore the city by trying new restaurants and cafes. To view more about her work, visit her art account @irenechung.com.
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