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5 Must-Have Items for Any Harry Potter Fan

Harry Potter is making a comeback. Lifelong fans (such as myself) might be in the midst of rewatching all seven movies and rereading the books, and new fans might be discovering the magic of the series for the first time. With this comeback, new websites for merchandise—some homemade, some not—have been sprouting up online. Here are some of the must-have items for Harry Potter fans, and where you can get them. 

Royal Coven crewnecks

These crewnecks are hand-embroidered by the creator and specially packaged, which can be seen in their photos online. The website contains a variety of different collections, mainly from various Disney films, but there are also a few items inspired by Harry Potter. 

The first is this “Happpee Birthdae” crewneck based on the cake Hagrid makes Harry for his birthday. The colors and the font closely resemble the cake from the film. The second is this Slytherin-inspired dark green crewneck with a snake and the words “cunning” and “ambitious” embroidered on the sleeves. Currently, most of the items on the website are sold out, so stay tuned for the next round of preorders!

Scented candles

There are a variety of Harry Potter-themed candles out there, ranging from ones that supposedly smell like Draco, to ones that have special rings inside of them that are revealed once the candle melts. One quick search on Etsy will get you a dozen results for these. Some of my personal favorites include this Butterbeer smelling candle, and this “Autumn in Hogsmeade” one. 

Marauder’s map face mask

Who knew that COVID would create one of the most (currently) popular Harry Potter-themed items? Many different sellers on Etsy have a version of a face mask with the Marauder’s map design on it that shows up when you breathe into it. It’s definitely one of the most unique items a fan of the series can have, and it can help keep you safe during the pandemic!


Multiple websites have their own jewelry designs based on Harry Potter, but there are a couple in particular that are definitely my favorites. First, Alex and Ani has an entire Harry Potter collection, which includes this Deathly Hallows charm bracelet, Time Turner spinner necklace, golden snitch ring, and many more. If you wear Pandora jewelry, they also have an exclusive collection with adorable charms, like Dobby and the Sorting Hat. Of course, Etsy has a host of handmade jewelry, depending on what you’re looking for. 

House trunk set

Although this one is incredibly pricey (at around £125!), and taken from the official Harry Potter website, it would truly be a dream for any fan to have! You can choose a trunk with items themed specifically from your house: Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. In addition to the personalized trunk, each comes with: a personalized Hogwarts acceptance letter, a T-shirt, a pen, a notebook, a lanyard, a Hogwarts Express ticket, a pin badge, a scarf keyring, a knitted crest scarf, a knitted hat, a house toy, a Hedwig toy, and a bag of Gringotts galleons milk chocolate coins. They also have smaller bundles currently available for a lower price that are winter-themed, but this trunk set is surely something that will make you feel like you’ve just been accepted to Hogwarts. 

Any of these items will be sure to satisfy your love for Harry Potter!

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Originally from CT, Emily is a junior at Boston University studying Film and Television with a minor in Psychology. Her hobbies include drinking too many vanilla lattes, reading, writing, and watching movies.
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