The 5 Lessons We Should Take Away From "Girls"

1.     There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned dose of body confidence.

Lena Dunham is breaking new ground when it comes to giving girls the confidence they need in their bodies. She bares it all right from the start in the first season and it was shocking. However, it wasn’t shocking because it was nudity. It was shocking because it was a body type that isn’t usually seen naked on television. But, it was glorious. And we all did a little fist pump in the air for the girl who’s never afraid to show what she’s got, right in front of everyone. And I can’t speak for everyone else, but I know for myself, it was super liberating. No more absolutely perfect bodies; Lena carried the weight on her shoulders and did a great thing. Since then she has become a huge feminist activist for reproductive rights and raising awareness about “fat shaming”. Go Lena, thanks for showing what the average woman really looks like.


2.     Sometimes, the people that we’re holding onto can be harming us the most.

Girls is all about showing us that even though we want everyone interesting and fun in our lives, it can be potentially harmful to keep certain people around. Especially in your 20s, ridding your life of the people who aren’t in the same place you are can be great for you, even if it’s really hard. And if those people truly matter, they’ll come back to you. Self-discovery is so important, and it can’t happen if you still have people holding you back.


3.     Life is really messy and stressful.

Moments in your 20s that are just total fun, glamourous, and look like the movies are a dime a dozen. Stress and self-doubt are constant. You’re still figuring things out, nothing is perfect, and most television shows just don’t show it. You look at television for what your twenties are supposed to look like and all you see is glamour and going out and perfect jobs and perfect boyfriends. Real life just can’t compare. Girls does an incredible job of not only showing the boring moments, the mean moments, and the moments where you definitely don’t say the right thing, but they also show just as much the good, flawless moments.

4.     Your love life is never going to be picture perfect.

When you’re in a relationship you’ll want to be single, when you’re single you’ll want to be in a relationship. You’ll be constantly deciding between a number of potential prospects and they’ll all be a thousand different kinds of crazy. Dating in your twenties is a game, unfortunately, and Girls never made it seem any different. It’s going to be messy and crazy and you’ll have great loves and terrible dates, but in the end, what you’ll learn is that you really have you and your friends, which is all that’s important.

5.     Your friends who stick with you through your best and worst moments are irreplaceable.

There is nothing better than having your friends to lean on. They will love you no matter what, even when you fight. And you will fight. But no one will ever get you like the people who have seen you cry your eyes out, but also laugh so hard you hurt. They will take care of you and never feel afraid to tell them you need them because they probably need you too. Remember, you can’t do everything by yourself in your twenties, as much as you think you can, and it’s totally okay to need someone.