5 Fun Boston Winter Activities That Are Perfect for Finals Week

Finals are tough- it's easy to just huddle up in the library or your favorite Starbucks on campus and bury yourself in textbooks and notes. But, immense stress levels this time of year are a perfect reason to get off campus and out into the city for some fresh air and a break for your brain. Here are five fun winter activities in the city to keep your spirits high!


  1. 1. Get a cup of hot chocolate at LA Burdick

    This is a nice one because one, hot chocolate DUH, but also, this is a quick and easy way to get off campus. This takes two hours maximum, so it is a perfect study break, but also does not take too much time away from the grind. 

  2. 2. Go ice skating on the Frog Pond in Boston Common

    While yes, this activity takes a bit more time (and a bit more skill), it is a perfect midday activity to clear your head. Layer up and grab a couple of friends and skate your troubles away! You’ll return to studying with a clear head and ready to work! 

  3. 3. Play some arcade games at Versus

    I’m sorry, but there is no better stress release that playing a round of Pac-Man or air hockey at an arcade. The venue turns 21+ after 7 pm which is perfect to make sure you return to campus with enough time to continue studying or to crank out that research paper.

  4. 4. See a movie at the Brattle Theater

    As I mentioned in a previous article, It’s A Wonderful Life is one of my favorite Christmas movies and they happen to be playing it at the Brattle Theater ALL WEEKEND. Once again, a nice way to clear your mind is to watch a happy Christmas movie or any movie really. While yes, you can do this in your dorm room, there is something so satisfying about seeing the movie on that huge theater screen in the puffy chairs with a huge tub of popcorn in your lap.

  5. 5. Walk around the old section of the Boston Public Library

    This beautiful library has so many cool features. Walk around and take it all in, and when you’re ready to begin or continue studying, you can head to the newer section of the library and claim a table for the afternoon. This is perfect because this location can serve two purposes.

Finals suck, there's no getting around that. However, it is important to take care of your mental health and provide small breaks for yourself. This list has some quick and fun options to take your mind off the stress of finals, even if for just an hour. 


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