5 Clothing Pieces That You Probably Forgot About to Spruce up Your Day-To-Day Style

Whenever I get up and put on some semblance of the same clothes that I wear every other day, I think to myself “How can I upgrade my style without compromising my wallet?” Well, here’s the answer! There’s no need to restock your entire closet, or even buy anything at all, but adding a few signature pieces will make your morning routine easier and upgrade your style.

1. Funky Sweatshirts


Sweatshirts are a fun and versatile option that can help you show off your individual style while also staying comfy cozy for class. Rather than wearing your high school’s track and field sweatshirt every day, try to cop a few fun and groovy pieces that you can pair with jeans and sneakers. You can grab these at places like Urban Outfitters or buy them from your local thrift store.

A simple, colorful sweatshirt can make you look so much more put together than that hoodie or sweater you wear every day.

2. Trendy Sneakers


Between Vans and Air Force One’s, it’s hard to find a pair of sneakers that are groovy and different without being too loud. You can pick out something colorful or go for a more understated chill vibe.

Yes, they might be another pair of white sneakers, but you have to admit they’re better than some old white Converse.


Or you could go for something more colorful that can also match a wide range of tops!

3. Interesting Jeans


Rather than wearing leggings or joggers every day, try to transition into some groovy jeans. Although they tend to be more expensive than your trusty leggings, they’ll instantly make you look more put-together without having to try too hard.

While Madewell jeans tend to be out of almost everyone’s price range, they become more affordable when you use your student discount for 15 percent off! Madewell will also take $20 off of any denim purchase if you bring in any old pair of jeans. Those jeans are then used for insulation for a family in need!


Old Navy really is stepping up their game with some trendy jeans for those of us on a stricter budget.

4. Simple Jewelry


Adding some simple jewelry to your daily look will instantly make you look like you have your life together!

Free People has a handful of really fun earring sets that are easy to mix and match, especially if you have multiple piercings.

5. Funky Sunnies



Although they’re not always necessary, sunglasses personally make me feel like a bad bitch, and will also make you really look put together!

Some Urban Outfitters sunglasses are actually cheap enough to not scare you out of wearing them altogether (cough cough, RayBans). They also make you look put together and totally groovy!

All of these pieces are easy additions to your closet, if you don't already have them, and will spice up your everyday outfit!


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