The 5 Best Thrift Stores in Boston

We all love some good retail therapy. But retail prices? Not so much. With thrift shopping, you could still get the same thrill of retail therapy in a much more sustainable and affordable way. Plus, there’s nothing better than coming across a great find at a thrift store. Here are some of the best thrift stores in Boston.


1. Urban Renewals

Source: Family Thrift Center

Located at 122 Brighton Ave in Allston, MA, Urban Renewals has something for everyone! The store has books, furniture, accessories, and racks upon racks of clothes. Though this location does overcharge on certain items with well-known brands or that are new-with-tags, they price lesser-known high-end brands quite affordable. I’ve found multiple pairs of designer jeans that retail for over $200 at only $5.

While they do have a different sale every day of the week, I’ve found that Thursdays are the best day to thrift at Urban Renewals since they give all customers a 50% discount on 3 colored tags and students a 50% discount on 4 colored tags. Just make sure to stop at an ATM first, as this thrift store is cash only.


2. Goodwill (Commonwealth Ave)

Source: Yelp

Located at 965 Commonwealth Ave in Boston, MA, this Goodwill location is a gold mine! The treasures you could find here are likely due to being just steps away from Boston University’s campus. It’s rare to walk out of this Goodwill empty handed. There are a few racks of “Boutique” items and a section behind the counter with more expensive items. The rest of the clothes has set prices for each category.

They also have a large section with books, electronics, home décor, and kitchenware. They have one color tag with a 50% discount the entire week, a 25% senior citizen discount on Tuesdays, a 25% military discount on Wednesdays, and a 15% student discount on Thursdays.


3. Buffalo Exchange

Source: Yelp

Located at 180 Harvard Ave in Allston, MA, Buffalo Exchange is a great thrift store for people who don’t have a ton of experience in the world of thrifting. Buffalo Exchange typically specializes in selling well-known brands and trendier pieces. You don’t have to spend an hour going through multiple racks to find something great at this thrift store.

You can also sell your own clothes at a Buffalo Exchange for cash or credit. Every year, they have an Earth Day $1 Sale, where you could buy great pieces at just $1. Over the past 20 years, Buffalo Exchange’s Earth Day $1 Day Sales have raised more than $665,000 for a variety of charities and environmental causes, according to Buffalo Exchange.


4. The Garment District

Source: Parka Avenue

Located at 200 Broadway in Cambridge, MA, The Garment District is not quite your typical thrift store. The store is divided into three parts, a costume section, a by-the-pound section, and the typical thrift store section. The costume section is quite large and is typically open until midnight during the weeks leading up to Halloween. The 2nd floor has a great selection of items you wouldn’t find in a typical thrift store. They have great denim jackets, vintage pieces, band tees, and just overall unique pieces.

Definitely for the more experienced thrifters, the by-the-pound section is quite the experience; I would not recommend it to thrifting newbies. There is just a pile of clothes scattered all throughout the floor; you literally have to get on your hands and knees to dig through the piles of clothes. It’s all worth it though since you could find treasures here at dirt cheap prices; it costs $2 a pound — except on Fridays, which is $1 a pound.


5. Goodwill (Harrison Ave)

Source: Patch

Located at 1010 Harrison Ave in Boston, MA, this Goodwill location is enormous! Since this is Boston’s main Goodwill location, it’s no wonder why the items are so great here.

Just like the other Boston Goodwill, this location has the same discounts: one color tag with a 50% discount the entire week, a 25% senior citizen discount on Tuesdays, a 25% military discount on Wednesdays, and a 15% student discount on Thursdays. Just two doors down from this location is The Goodwill Outlet Store, which is essentially all the inventory that has taken too long to sell at the other locations at a heavily discounted rate.


If you haven’t gotten a chance to explore Boston’s thrift stores, definitely give these a try. After all, you never know what treasures you might find!


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