5 Best Beauty YouTubers To Watch

YouTube is a way to spend your time relaxing or fulfilling your dream job of being a makeup artist (AKA, procrastinating writing an essay). If this sounds like something you enjoy, and if you’re a fan of the beauty community, below are my top five makeup YouTubers I love. There are so many MUA YouTubers out there it was hard to pick—but here are five of my favorites in no particular order.

1. Tati Westbrook

Photo Credit: @glamlifeguru 

Tati is one of my f.a.v.o.r.i.t.e. YouTubers! She’s so down to earth and very honest with her reviews. Makeup-wise, she’s the perfect in-between for tips: she does full glam some days, and some days she goes for a more natural look. She’s also never too over-the-top with makeup, so you can definitely pull off all the looks she does (Sometimes I see amazing makeup, but if I wore it out in public I would get funny looks. If you have the ability to pull it off, good for you! If you don’t want to, Tati’s your girl.). She also just launched her own product line that hopefully will have traditional beauty items in the future. And as she is always careful to use products that have ingredients that are good for your skin, you can be sure her products will be nourishing, too!

2. Patricia Bright

Photo Credit: @thepatriciabright

Patricia is one of the funniest and sweetest YouTubers I watch! She’s really well-known for her hauls from stores like Fashionista or Wish, but she also does reviews on makeup brands. She’s open about what products work for her or what products flopped, and gives insight into makeup tips for deeper skin tones. Her family is absolutely adorable—her husband is so funny and loving, and she has the cutest baby! I recommend bingeing her videos ASAP.

3. Manny MUA

Photo Credit: @mannymua733

Manny is one of the newer YouTubers on my must-watch list. I had heard a lot about him and saw him all over Instagram, but for some reason never found his videos online. He’s a really sweet guy with amazing skills—let’s have a conversation about his eyebrows and lips, please. I seriously want to meet him, give him a big hug, and become best friends with him forever! He does a lot of great makeup tutorials that have humor in them, so you’ll never find yourself skipping over certain parts of the video.

4. Glam & Gore

Photo Credit: @mykie_

Mykie is my love. She was one of the first makeup artist YouTubers I really got into, especially right after I saw her on the NYX Face Awards. As her channel name implies, not only does she do beautiful glam makeup but she does SFX work as well. This kick-started my obsession for SFX, and honestly, I would love to do it part-time! She’s so funny and has such amazing cinematography that her videos will make you feel like you’re watching a short movie.

5. Laura Lee

Photo Credit: @morphebrushes

Laura is also one of the YouTubers I started getting more into lately, though she has been a YouTube legend for quite a while. Actually, I found her through Manny’s channel—she’s good friends with him! She does makeup reviews as well as tutorials, similar to Tati’s channel. And if you know Laura, you know a look is never complete without some false lashes—so if you love falsies, you can bet she’ll show you how to rock them!

If you didn’t already know these YouTubers, I hope you check them out! And if you did, let me know and we can obsess over their latest looks together! I love the beauty community so much, and it really takes every ounce of my being not to go out and buy every product they recommend. If there are any other makeup artist YouTubers you love, let me know!


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