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4 Tips to Make Your Facebook Profile Look More Professional

As a college student, you’re probably looking to make connections and find a job. LinkedIn can help you with that, but you can also make the most of Facebook by following these four easy tips to boost your online image.

1. Add a profile picture

The first step might come off as obvious, but it does matter. Adding a profile picture is a great way to show your personality and let potential employers get a better idea of who you are. Think about it this way; it’s easier to remember a face than a name. And, finding a nice photo to upload doesn’t have to be stressful. Ask a friend to do a fun photo shoot, in an Instagrammable spot in your city, to make it fun!

2. Fill out the “about” section.

Facebook allows you to enter the schools you attended, the jobs you worked at, the places you’ve lived, and all your other social media links in the “about” section. Fill it in as best as you can to highlight your most significant achievements. You can also have fun with the featured images! The information you add in the “about” section will help Facebook find classmates, coworkers, and potential friends for you.

3. Post relevant content regularly.

Did you recently attend an interesting event that relates to your career field? Did you travel to a wonderful place last summer? Share your thoughts about it! Create aesthetically pleasant albums of your art, update your cover photo to a beautiful picture of the city you live in, share an article that you think your audience might like or your latest piece for Her Campus ;) If you want to work in communication or PR, it is important to show potential employers that you can come up with creative content online and get positive reactions from your friends!

4. Make connections (and good ones!)

Facebook is all about connecting to people. You need people to engage with your posts; otherwise, there is no point in posting anything! Add friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances that you have things in common with. They should be interested in the content you put out and look a little professional too: don’t forget that your friends reflect who you are!

Finally, if you want everyone on or off Facebook to see your posts, change the audience to “public”. Otherwise, change the audience to “friends” or a specific group of friends to make sure your party pictures aren’t visible to your boss or your coworkers!

It’s important to have a professional-looking Facebook profile, but don’t forget to have fun with it! Just make sure to check that what you want to share with just your closest friends, stays private.

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Ariane is a senior at Boston University pursuing a dual degree in Journalism and Political Science with a minor in Public Relations. She loves exploring coffee shops and hanging out at the Harbor. When she's not writing and editing for Her Campus, Ariane talks about women's achievements on her radio show "Ladies of History."
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