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As I’m sure most of you have noticed, vintage photo methods have been making a comeback. Over the last few months, my feed has been dominated by film and digital camera photos as well as filters that mimic the vintage look. I don’t know about you, but I personally love this revival of vintage photography. If you haven’t hopped on the digital camera already, I’m here to tell you the multitude of ways it will positively impact your life (yes, your life!) and your feed. 

The 3 V’s: Vintage, Variety, and Versatility 

It’s easy to get a little bit bored of your personal Instagram feed, and this is where the digital camera saves the day. Add some vintage-esque variety to your feed with some film or digital pictures and give the fans the content they’ve been waiting for. Break up the stream of standard iPhone flicks that we’ve all done, and embrace your retro vibe!

Another one of my favorite things about the digital camera is its versatility — you can rely on the digital to do the job anytime, anywhere. Most digitals can sense lighting and then automatically flash if needed. I can vouch for this camera; it makes you look BOMB in any lighting or setting every single time (even in fraternity basements!). Make sure your digital comes with you on your next outing, no matter where it is!

Get OUT of the social apps and INTO the moment!

One of my favorite things about my digital camera is that its only function is to take photos. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good scroll on Instagram, checking my texts, etc. But when I open my phone to take photos, I almost ALWAYS get pulled into the social hole and find myself distracted from what I wanted to take pictures of in the first place. The digital camera solves this problem and I’ve become more present since having it.

New Friends

The digital camera can help you start a conversation and make friends! I find that it’s a great way to not only meet new people but also to connect with your own friends. Everyone loves a digital moment! Bring it to any event and outing and you’ll be Miss Popular for taking everyone’s cute pics. And, people will return the favor and snap some of you too!

your phone storage will thank you

If you’re anything like me, your camera roll is a bit of a disaster. Taking photos is one of my favorite things, however, this habit quickly drains my phone storage. A digital camera solves this storage problem as you can go through your pictures, delete them, and only download the ones you want from your computer.

So maybe you don’t have a parent with an old camera or don’t feel like spending the money — don’t worry. There are plenty of other ways to get the fun digicam look! Before snatching my dad’s old Canon digital, I used a trusty disposable film camera — which is a great alternative. Over the course of my first semester, I took the camera everywhere and filled it with 27 photos by the end of the winter. Over winter break, I had my photos waiting to develop and got a surprise of first-semester memories that I hadn’t seen since I was in the moment. Another viable alternative is the Lapse app! It’s like a camera app, but it filters all photos to look like they’re taken on film.

If none of these alternatives sounds enticing, I can almost guarantee that one of your friends has a digital camera you could borrow. 

Do yourself a favor and invest in a digital camera!

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Kate Rekas is a freshman on the writing team at the Her Campus Boston University Chapter. She was a writer and editor on her high school's newspaper "The Spectrum." She also is a member of the multimedia team on "The Daily Free Press," Boston University's independent and student run newspaper. In addition to writing for Her Campus, Kate is a member of the Boston University Figure Skating Team, and is still exploring different majors to pursue. When not studying or skating, Kate is exploring the city of Boston, and seeking out as many sunset watching opportunities as possible!