4 Reasons Why Queer Eye is a MUST-Watch

By Eliza Shaw

Queer Eye is so much more than just a What Not to Wear remake. There are so many touching and relevant topics that are addressed on this show. I may or may not cry at the end of every episode, but that’s totally beside the point. Queer Eye is a truly entertaining, touching, and necessary show to watch.

1. It addresses relevant topics.

This is not just a reality show about five gay men who rip apart someone's life and make them “prettier”. All of the episodes take place in the South (mainly Georgia), where LGBTQ rights are not fully supported. Many of the men getting makeovers either do not support or understand gay rights which leads to an extremely powerful and necessary conversation. The Fab 5 are really working to break stereotypes of gay men and open people’s minds to accepting people who aren’t necessarily like them.

2. It is hilarious and so entertaining.

These men are so funny it hurts. They are all so different and add so many dimensions to the show. I mean, Jonathon is absolutely hilarious and over the top (and damn, his hair is prettier than mine will ever be). Tan is a beautiful human being, but also so smart and helpful when it comes to helping others with fashion. Karamo is amazing––he really promotes self-love and encourages the ‘client’ to step out of their comfort zone. Bobby gets the least airtime but let’s be real, he has the hardest job: redoing the entire house. Last but not least, there’s Antoni. He is very attractive to begin with and he teaches us how to perfectly cut an avocado...what else could we ask for in a man?

3. It breaks stereotypes.

There is a stereotype that gay men are always extremely flamboyant and feminine. Though this is true for some gay men, it certainly is a generalization. People of all sexualities can be flamboyant; it is a matter of preference and personality. This show shows five very different and unique men who all happen to be gay. They all have very different backgrounds, religions, and views but effectively work together as friends and to help their client.

4. It promotes self-love and confidence.

As I said before...the point of this show is not limited to external appearance. The Fab 5 work with their client to increase his self-confidence and make sure he respects himself. Many contestants have exclaimed such phrases as “you can't fix ugly” (shoutout to Tom)...but by the end of the transformation, the Fab 5 have not only proved otherwise but also taught that person how to be confident and love themselves for who they are.

This show is truly inspiring and touching. It isn't even about the physical transformation, but also the emotional one. To be able to see someone transform from a sad and self-hating person into a smiling and confident one is so amazing. This show is literally for everyone. I watch it alone, with my friends, with my entire family and I have never met a person who didn’t like it. Give it a try and make sure you have some tissues handy!


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